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Director of Sales, Industrial Equipment Division

(Preferred locations) Lisle, IL and Indianapolis, IN

Engs Commercial Finance Co. is one of the oldest, most respected and largest equipment finance companies in the U.S. We were recognized by the Monitor magazine as the 5th largest independent finance company in the U.S. We have been the lender of choice for equipment dealers, manufacturers and customers since 1952. Engs specializes in providing lease and loan solutions to the Transportation Equipment segment, and through its pending acquisition of Connext Financial, the Industrial Equipment segment. All our people, systems, policies and procedures are specialized to these segments with a goal of delivering best-in-class products and service to our customers.

Reports To: Senior Vice President, Industrial Equipment Division

Location: The Company has two main processing centers of Lisle, IL and Indianapolis, IN. This position manages our field sales teams, all of whom have remote offices and are located across the country. It is preferred that the candidate office out of one of our processing centers, but qualified candidates in other locations will be considered.

Position Summary: The Director of Sales is responsible for all Sales and Marketing efforts to vendors and customers in the Company’s Industrial Equipment division, which includes: Machine Tools, Graphic Arts/Printing, Fabrication, Plastics, Packaging, Food Processing and Woodworking. This position works closely with senior management to create a winning sales strategy, manages the performance of the sales team with new and existing vendors and end users, develops national accounts and other key account programs, and recruits new sales representatives that the Company.

Key performance objectives in order of priority with ideal time allocation are:

1. 30% – Building and developing a sales team that achieves the organization’s revenue goals while adhering to the company’s core values.

2. 30% – Leading the development of the organization’s sales plan and execution of strategic initiatives that achieve revenue and margin goals.

3. 30% – Fostering the creation and expansion of key account programs through the development and presentation of business cases that demonstrate the ROI of Engs’s value proposition as a business partner.

4. 10% – Overseeing the development of the organization’s external messages and marketing initiatives that result in incremental business opportunities.

Essential Job Functions: The responsibilities listed are fundamental to the position and must be performed successfully to achieve the key performance objectives of the role. Approximately 50%-60% travel is necessary. Other responsibilities may be assigned.

Interpersonal Responsibilities:

  1. Continuously looks to add highly qualified sales people to the team while evaluating the talent base and overall bench strength of the sales team. Establishes accountabilities and performance agreements, monitors execution and provides ongoing feedback. Creates development plans for team members to acquire new skills, take on additional responsibilities or close performance gaps. Establishes and implements sales training programs and improves team effectiveness through coaching, involvement and problem solving.
  2. Manages the activities of sales representatives and the execution of the company’s sales plan. Provides guidance on identifying the right opportunities to pursue, researching prospects, and networking.
  3. Participates in joint sales calls with sales representatives and provides coaching on managing the selling process including lead generation, planning call objectives, making presentations, account qualification, solution development and closing.
  4. Assists in building relationships with buying influences and penetrating, educating and closing key accounts. Research needs, presents business cases for partnering with Engs, and creates account programs that result in win-win solutions and long-term, ongoing relationships.
  5. Acts as a liaison between functions and ensures the activities of sales are properly coordinated with operations, accounting and credit.
  6. Participates on appropriate boards, roundtables and forums to stay current with industry trends, emerging issues and best practices that impact the business.

Operational Responsibilities:

  1. Develops and implements a consultative sales processes and strategies for winning business within transactional and key accounts. Applies understanding of Engs’s ideal client profile, value proposition, and capabilities to align selling and business development activities to the company’s strategy.
  2. Establishes key performance indicators for sales and marketing that are accurate, measurable, and in alignment with Engs’s strategic plan. Ensures monthly, quarterly and yearly sales targets are achieved through relationship selling, effective prioritization of accounts and pipeline management. Creates and implements processes and systems for reviewing selling activities, pipelines, vendor/end user issues and dashboards. Monitors performance to plan and when necessary, implements corrective action to meet objectives.
  3. Oversees the development of account management plans and the process for managing account relationships, monitoring feedback on client satisfaction and implementation of strategies and tactics for client retention. Provides direction, and assists when needed, in resolving escalated client issues, answering client questions, and aligning clients with company processes.
  4. Develops and ensures adherence to processes for utilization of CRM software, lead tracking, follow-up and analysis of win/loss ratios. Provides the management team with reports on the sales funnel, account plans and opportunities projected to close.
  5. Vets, develops and maintains funding partnerships in collaboration with the president and assists credit syndicators with matching funding sources to customer requirements.
  6. Ensures the sales team adheres to established processes and timelines for communicating all required information to prepare leasing documents and set up of vendors. Assists in negotiating and mitigating structure, pricing and documentation issues with end users and funding partners. Works with operations and outside legal counsel to ensure vendor/end user unique program requirements are properly memorialized in program agreements.
  7. Develops case studies that support Engs’s value proposition through the use of metrics that objectively demonstrate the integration of financing options in a customer’s selling process will result in incremental sales gains and margin increases.
  8. Directs market research and leads the due diligence to vet entry into new markets or the development of new product offerings. Creates business cases for the viability of the opportunity, evaluates the required investment and projected ROI, and provides “go/no go” recommendations.
  9. Assists in vetting the organization’s portfolio management processes and determining transactions types, credit profiles, pricing and commission models and syndication options.
  10. Directs the organization’s business intelligence and data mining activities; analyzes data and applies insights to the development of sales and marketing strategies.
  11. Oversees the development of Engs’s branding and marketing strategies for creating awareness with target audiences and generating client inquiries. Manages third-party provider relationships and performance of service level agreements for consulting services, development of collateral materials and management of the company’s web and social media presence. Communicates marketing initiatives and priorities and oversees the execution of action plans.
  12. Develops marketing promotions featuring product and payment options designed to generate vendor/end user interest and attract new business.
  13. Develops an annual plan for determining trade show and conference participation. Coordinates all pre-show planning and oversees the execution of a show’s promotional plans for maximizing branding, promotion and sales leads. Manages post show follow-up activities, tracks leads and evaluates show success and ROI.

Organizational Responsibilities

  1. Actively participates in the organization’s strategic planning process and provides input on market trends, competitive intelligence and new business opportunities. Develops sales budgets and champions the development and implementation of effective growth strategies, short and long-range sales marketing objectives, plans and initiatives.
  2. Determines the most appropriate sales structure to achieve revenue goals, secure new business opportunities and win clients.
  3. Recommends client incentives and sales representative compensation plans and assists in preparing sales budgets. Prepares accurate monthly and/or quarterly reports with analysis of the ROI and subsequent recommendations for review by the president.

Performance Factors: The performance factors described here are core abilities that translate into desired on-the-job behaviors which contribute to the employee successfully achieving the performance objectives of this job and carrying out the assigned responsibilities.

  1. Personal Accountability: Accepts personal responsibility for the consequences of personal actions; avoids placing unnecessary blame on others; maintains personal commitment to objectives regardless of the success or failure of personal decisions; applies personal lessons learned from past failures to moving forward in achieving future successes.
  2. Customer Focus: Consistently places a high value on customers and all issues related to customer; objectively listens to, understands and represents customer feedback; anticipates customer needs and develops appropriate solutions; meets all promises and commitments made to customers.
  3. Decision Making: Demonstrates an ability to make difficult decisions in a timely manner; gathers relevant input and develops a rationale for making decisions; evaluates the impact or consequences of decisions before making them; acts decisively despite obstacles, resistance or opposition; accepts consequences of decisions; willing to correct erroneous decisions when necessary; defends rationale for decisions when necessary.
  4. Goal Achievement: Establishes goals that are relevant, realistic and attainable; identifies and implements required plans and milestones to achieve specific business goals; initiates activity toward goals without necessary delay; stays on target to complete goals regardless of obstacles or adverse circumstances.
  5. Interpersonal Skills: Strives for self-awareness; demonstrates sincere interest in others; treats all people with respect, courtesy and consideration; respects differences in the attitudes and perspectives of others; listens, observes, and strives to gain understanding of others; communicates effectively; is sensitive to diversity issues; develops and maintains relationships with many different kinds of people regardless of cultural differences.
  6. Leadership: Inspires others with a compelling vision; takes risks for the sake of principles, values or missions; builds trust and demonstrates integrity with noticeable congruence between words and actions (walks their talk); demonstrates optimism and positive expectations of others; delegates appropriate responsibilities and authority; involves people in decisions that affect them; addresses performance issues promptly, fairly and consistently; adapts methods and approaches to the needs and motivations of others; makes decisions to avoid or mitigate the negative consequences for people; demonstrates loyalty to constituents.
  7. Persuasion: Utilizes the knowledge of other’s needs, wants, beliefs, attitudes, and behavior to promote a concept, product, or service; builds trust and credibility prior to promoting concepts, products or services; uses logic and reason to develop rational arguments that challenge current assumptions, attitudes, beliefs, and behavior; adapts techniques and approaches to the needs and wants of those being influenced.
  8. Education/Skill Level. A four year college degree in a business related discipline is preferred, but appropriate work experience will also be considered.

ECF offers industry leading benefits package, and a compensation package of base plus commission that is among the industry best for the high performers.

Please send resumes to resumes@engsfinance.com.

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