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Technology Forecast: Clear Skies for Cloud Computing

It might seem that the consequences of transitioning an accounting and portfolio management team from an in-house solution to one delivered as software-as-a-service are minimal. But a closer look reveals that making the leap to the cloud brings benefits to every level of the organization. NetSol Technologies’ Andrew Lea looks at a few key sections of the org chart to see how the SaaS model delivers not only a mission-critical business application, but a whole new way of managing the business.... read more

Reliability: How to Stop Your Business From Coming to a Standstill

Technology, for everything it brings us, can let us down. The more we rely on it, the more we are vulnerable to its occasional failings, and this is true for our lives both business and personal. But while components can fail, there is plenty that can be done to minimize business impact. CHP Consulting’s Richard Raistrick advises how businesses can set a gold standard for their commercial websites.... read more

Yesterday's Solutions Have Become Today’s Problems

With too many competitors chasing too few deals, it seems obvious that leasing companies will be under increasing pressure to identify new markets and products and find more efficient ways of doing business in order to increase the bottom line. Today’s business climate demands that leasing companies operate in the most efficient manner possible. For many leasing companies, the reluctance to let go of legacy applications may no longer be an option. ... read more

Assessing Credit & Risk

As the equipment financing industry emerges from the hard times of the past few years, credit managers see a glimmer of hope on the horizon. Assessing credit and weighing risk is more challenging than ever, but liquidity is returning to the marketplace, and new business originations are making a comeback. So, what happens now? Do we go back to business as usual, or is it a brave new world?... read more

Technology and the Equipment Finance Industry

It is news to no one that the equipment finance industry is under a lot of pressure to change the way its practitioners have always done business. A latest perfect storm of increased regulatory oversight, economic tough times and accounting changes are making life interesting, to say the least. The good news is that the technology needed to address these changes is becoming available at just the right time.... read more

Business Process Management Solutions

Across a variety of industries where legacy platforms are prevalent and challenging to replace (including banking and insurance), companies are considering Business Process Management (BPM) solutions as an alternative to system replacement. 
As equipment finance companies look to the future and consider alternatives to modernizing their legacy technologies, they may want to consider these in the mix.... read more

A Look at the Credit Side

This is the first of a special series devoted to conversations with key executives of Monitor 100 companies. In the series, we will address topics related to the overall editorial theme of the issue at hand. In terms of risk management, who better to launch this column than Andrew Mesches?... read more

System Configurability Helps Equipment Finance Companies Adapt to Change

In today’s marketplace, adapting to change almost always requires system adaptation. Today’s most powerful systems can help equipment finance companies achieve the necessary flexibility more rapidly, and at much lower expense, through customer configurability.... read more

Technology in Tough Times: Using Web-Based Quoting to Enhance Customer Relationships

A key to getting a technological bang for your buck in tough times is to be both focused and creative — focus on specific high-value challenges, and creatively use existing mature technology to meet them. Management is unlikely to support massive long-term projects, however worthy, where the investment up front is high and the payoff is years out and uncertain. Here, we’ll look at one such high-value/relatively low-risk application — focused Web-based quoting.... read more

Top IT Business Challenges: Giving Your Customers a First-Class Experience

A historical view of the equipment finance market demonstrates a clear track record of companies that are always trying to catch up operationally to achieve that elusive goal of a first-class customer experience combined with first quartile efficiency metrics. Can it be done? The short answer is yes … but is the job ever done?... read more

Tough Times Emphasize Sound Collections Practices

Moving past 2008 may seem like a good idea given all that has transpired, but judging from the early signs, we may not like what we see in 2009, either. However, modern science has not yet come up with a way to allow us to fast forward through the bad times, so it’s time to look 2009 squarely in the eye.... read more

Going Green: Tips for Financing Energy Efficient & Green Projects

Even though energy efficient technology is on the tongues of many, from local governments to this year’s presidential contenders, it can still be a hard sell. Many companies continue to delay their energy improvements because they feel they do not have the funds to upgrade. But there is help…Neil Zobler explains.... read more

Finding the Best Lease Management Systems for Your Business

Ongoing pressure to cut costs is forcing many companies to delay or downgrade IT strategies. However, increased competition has lessors debating the value of new lease management systems. How can lessors find the right option for them? Shawn Halladay examines the pros and cons.... read more

Technology Strategies for Enabling Growth: Merging Efficiency with Alignment

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of IT poses a significant challenge to any organization, but the benefits justify the necessary investment of time, effort and money. When all is said and done, restructuring IT can turn it from an expensive necessity to a powerful competitive tool.... read more

Business Intelligence for Finance Company Executives

With the advent of a new generation of regulation, and pressure by ever-intensifying global competition, finance company executives are making greater demands of the information they receive from their line operations.... read more

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