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Are We in the Eye of the Equipment Leasing Storm?

Dexter Van Dango is the pen name for a real senior executive with more than 25 years of experience in the equipment leasing industry. And like many people in the equipment finance industry, he wonders where everything is headed. But when it comes down to it, he’s optimistically looking for the “green shoots.”... read more

Impact of the Liquidity Drought on the Equipment Leasing & Finance Industry

The financial services sector of the economy has been in turmoil, yet many in leasing leadership roles have experienced a “frog-in-the-kettle” syndrome. Industry veteran David Wiener, a self-described layman economist offers his armchair perspective on the U.S. financial system — and the resulting systemic impact on the entire equipment leasing & finance industry.... read more

State of Funding

Where we are today? In finance circles it is a story of the have-nots and have-nots. As we surveyed the marketplace to find out who is lending to leasing companies or investing in lessors, we had a difficult time determining who’s doing what these days.... read more

Equipment Leasing and Finance Association: It’s Full Steam Ahead

As the fall conferences approach, the Monitor continues its tradition of spending time with the president of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association to find out about the association’s accomplishments, setbacks and plans for the coming year. But unlike previous interviews, the winds of change brought about an unexpected addition to this year’s update.... read more

Although the Economy Shows Signs of Leveling Out, PNC’s Economist Says We’re Not Out of the Woods Just Yet

They say so much can change in a year — and from the time we spoke with PNC Economist Robert Dye in the late summer of 2008 until now, in August 2009, we have seen a multitude of bad news stories, but we are weathering the continued after effects of the mid-2000s “economic party” attitude. With the after-party crash, came tumult in the financial and consumer sectors. As we continue to experience a very long, drawn out and somewhat painful hangover effect, we hope to sweep up the confetti, take some aspirin and head toward a better next few years.... read more

Certified Leasing Professionals

Adversity is the springboard to achievement. Although the state of the economy and our industry may be sounding Mayday, the call to action at the Certified Leasing Professional Foundation is to sail before the mast. Now is the time to prepare for the opportunities that will surface after the storm. ... read more

Industry Sector Overview 2009

... read more

Today’s Vendor Market for Brokers

Many leasing sales professionals are focusing on the negative events of this difficult time. The sales reps who use this time to build and deepen vendor relationships will be the ones who have the biggest book of business when the economy turns around.... read more

The Agricultural Equipment Industry

While agricultural equipment has had a smaller storm to weather than construction equipment, it’s clear that manufacturers face challenges. Members report that credit has been a serious obstacle, and smaller equipment suffers from consumer caution. Larger tractors and combines have benefited from both a strong interest in ethanol, and inescapable population growth. As the recession eases and economies improve, agricultural equipment manufacturing should follow suit.... read more

The Sweet Smell of Success in Equipment Leasing

Ah, the sweet smell of success… It’s a sensation everyone is striving to experience more of these days. Linda Kester returns to remind us that in selling equipment leasing, success often requires a lot of hard work and sometimes, a bit of inspiration. ... read more

Today’s CFOs: Rising Stars in Recessionary Times

Eventually when the textbooks are written about this current recession there will be a lot of chapters that feature the winners and losers. There will be the ones led by smart CFOs, who broke the code and advanced smart financing solutions, including leasing options to acquire technology during the recession. These decisions today would be seen as pivotal in positioning their companies for growth during the inevitable rebound in the global marketplace.... read more

Attention Salespeople

Frustration is a normal emotional response to being unable to fill a need. It’s a feeling of dissatisfaction, often accompanied by anxiety or depression, resulting from unresolved problems. Linda Kester provides eight steps to alleviate the frustration many salespeople experience.... read more

Is Your Business Ready for Economic Recovery?

Just like the seasons, economic busts turn into economic booms. Whether the economy or the stock market has bottomed out is irrelevant; one day soon the economy will turn around. Will your business be ready to handle the increasing volume of orders smoothly and efficiently, or will you find yourself back in firefighting mode, scrambling to deliver?... read more

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