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Warehouse Credit Lines: How Does the Current Crunch Affect Basic Funding Options?

In these times of uncertainty with banks becoming tighter with money and terms, one has to wonder the effect this will have on the basic tenants of leasing, including warehouse lines of credit. OFC Capital’s Peter Eaton discusses the future of lessor funding.... read more

Funding Sources Combat Credit Woes By Performing Stricter Due Diligence, Solidifying Relationships With Brokers

With the “irrational exuberance” of 2007 now long gone, yesterday’s excess liquidity has given way to a desert landscape of collapsed deals and skittish investors. But in this year’s Monitor Funding Source Roundtable participants say that at least where equipment finance is concerned — there’s still plenty of liquidity to go around; the trick is where to look for it.... read more

Equipment Finance Industry Economic Outlook: Any Type of Recession May Be Short Lived

At this point, the question of whether we are in a recession yet is really just a matter of semantics. Not only has the economic news been negative month after month for some time, but new data from the leasing industry shows that payment delinquencies are now accelerating. There are some bright spots, however, as well as some reason to believe that the recession may be short lived.... read more

Independent Lessors Face Tougher Market Conditions in 2008

In a speech on June 7, 1966, Robert F. Kennedy said, “There is a Chinese curse, which says, ‘May he live in interesting times.’ Like it or not, we live in interesting times...”... read more

The Risks and Rewards of Healthcare Leasing

If you’re thinking of entering the healthcare leasing market, you might want to talk to a doctor first. This market is not for the faint of heart. All kidding aside, any doctor will tell you that the financial rewards are not what they once were. You won’t find any easy money in the medical field.... read more

Trade-In Credits: Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Lease Disposals?

This article discusses trade-in credits available in the states of Illinois and Texas. These states have a lot of leasing activities within their borders, as well as unusually generous provisions for trade-ins. Both states’ statutes are a bit complex, so the provisions of each state’s framework will be reviewed in detail.... read more

Risk Management 2008

... read more

Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation

Released on December 18, 2007, the U.S. Equipment Finance Market Study, commissioned by the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation and conducted by Global Insight, Inc., underscores the equipment finance sector’s role in the U.S. economy. What follows is a summary of the study’s key findings.... read more

2008 Outlook of What Manufacturing CFOs Expect

The following article explores the results of the 10th annual survey of mid- and large-sized U.S. manufacturing company CFOs commissioned by Bank of America Business Capital. Not surprisingly, CFOs are most concerned about the impact the deteriorating housing market and oil prices will have on the economy in 2008.... read more

Equipment Leasing Associations

This year, more than 500 leasing executives traveled to Arizona and New Jersey to attend both the UAEL Annual Conference & Exposition and the EAEL/NAELB Fall Expo. The following snapshot provides a glimpse into the presentations, sessions and networking that occurred. ... read more

Treasure Hunting for Vendors

Geocaching — it’s a new craze among outdoor enthusiasts. But what do geocaching and prospecting have in common? You might be surprised. And it may just be the answer you need to offer a fresh perspective on prospecting, not only to yourself, but also to your co-workers and vendors.... read more

Products & Services 2007

... read more

Storm Watch

The Monitor sat down with PNC’s senior economist Robert Dye to help navigate through the potential economic warning signs of recent months, and discuss what lies in store for equipment lessors/lenders as they prepare to say goodbye to 2007 and head into a new year.... read more

Being a Proactive Lessor in a Changing Equipment Financing Environment

In a financial world that is constantly changing, the successful equipment financing company must not only roll with the punches but also anticipate where the punches will come from. In this article, Key Equipment’s Paul Larkins addresses several key topics every lessor should consider when facing the equipment financing marketplace of the future.... read more

Global Credit Crisis Creates Financial Hurricane Leaving No Asset Class Unscathed

If the National Hurricane Center were to name a hurricane after the global credit crisis that has ravaged the markets over the past several weeks, it would be called “Lester Leverage” — a storm so strong it wipes out billions of dollars of value and sends investors running for cash shelters only to find the doors locked.... read more

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