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Bridging the Gap to Turn the Economic Corner

The financial services industry is entering unchartered territory as the economy attempts to navigate itself out of recession and into recovery. Salisian | Lee LLP partner Neal Salisian and associate H. Han Pai discuss borrowers' search borrowers for new avenues as lenders became increasingly reluctant to extend credit in the face of increased defaults and bankruptcy filings.... read more

The Time of Capital Investment

Good times for equipment finance are just around the corner. Looking at the number of banks and their leasing affiliates that recently jumped into the market, one might conclude that good times are already here. NXT Capital's Michael Gay asks, 'Are they really?'... read more

Identifying Indemnity Issues

Kenneth P. Weinberg and Jennifer L. Howard collaborate to describe lease and loan indemnity issues by providing a detailed outline to help better identify indemnity clause concerns. They note that a careful review of the indemnity provision in an equipment lessors’ standard documentation can yield big results if an indemnity claim arises later.... read more

Supporting New Equipment Leasing Brokers

Leasing sales expert Linda P. Kester advises equipment leasing and finance brokers to lend a supporting hand to new industry brokers as a means to develop mutual beneficial relationships that will ultimately continue to improve the industry at large.... read more

U.S. Banks as Lessees & Lessors

As the FASB and IASB continue their work on the lease accounting project — and are most likely issuing separate lease accounting rules with key differences — Monitor contributor Bill Bosco notes that recent developments are good news for U.S. bank lessors, but not so for IFRS bank lessors.... read more

Case for Captive Tech Finance Companies

Kristine Snow imparts on our readers her knowledge of the Internet of Everything, which is valued by Cisco Capital as a $14.4 trillion global opportunity for the private sector over the next decade. She discusses the importance of taking advantage of this prospect by rethinking almost every facet of a business in order to realize all the benefits it has to offer.... read more

Banks’ Ascendance into Equipment Finance

With a recent surge of positive change in bank-owned equipment finance groups, Charles Wendel discusses major factors that are driving banks’ renewed interest in equipment finance and leasing divisions, while offering insight into the process of choosing whether to buy or build new, as well as advice on how to be successful.... read more

Equipment Finance’s Leading Women

Monitor asked the leading women of equipment finance to share their paths to success, guidance for future industry professionals and industry insights. We thank Laurie Bakke of Western Equipment Finance, Maureen Carr of CapitalSource Corporate Asset Finance and Diane Notch of Stearns Bank Equipment Finance Division for their participation.... read more

ABS Marketplace Changes, Trends

LEAF Commercial Capital’s Miles Herman notes the equipment industry is currently enjoying a period of steady funding, but says changes in the securitization marketplace and regulatory reform have altered the landscape and forced issuers to adopt key practices that will ensure access to the ABS market in today’s environment.... read more

Eighth Circuit: Preferential Transfer Dispute

Regular Monitor contributor Lesley Anne Hawes offers insight into Bankruptcy Code preference provisions. Using underpinnings of the Eighth Circuit’s recent decision in the case In re LGI Energy Solutions, Inc., she details the exceptions and defenses to preference recovery, noting that the analysis and rationale of the statute must be applied in a manner consistent with the policies and purposes it was intended to promote.... read more

FASB Listened to Feedback

Regular Monitor contributor Bill Bosco says that while the IASB/FASB Lease Project is still a work in progress, the FASB has taken into account the feedback from comment letters, as well as the ELFA’s IASB/FASB Lease Project Working Group’s efforts to help preserve current sale leaseback accounting. However, he cautions that there is still work to be done.... read more

Increased Scrutiny on Residual Reviews

Expanded regulation and concern over past problems have increased the scrutiny auditors are applying to residual reviews, particularly for banks. Shawn Halladay and Carl Chrappa of The Alta Group discuss the impacts additional scrutiny has, including amplified levels of detailed information and external appraisals that auditors are requiring. The authors say lessors can use this increased scrutiny to create opportunities to better manage portfolios and maximize the value of existing residuals.... read more

U.S. Energy Boom: Fueling Equipment Demand

CIT’s Vincent Belcastro provides his take on equipment finance opportunities that have been created as a result of America’s resurgence as an affordable and reliable energy producer. Belcastro notes that rising oil and gas production is only part of the story as the transmission and distribution of energy is another emerging opportunity that will fuel future investment demand.... read more

Rules for Lease Management System Selection

Given the expense, disruption and ruffled feathers that accompany the transition to a new lease management system, it's no surprise that organizations tend to delay a replacement project for as long as possible. ... read more

Preventing Equipment Fraud

Monitor contributor Andrew Alper discusses a recent equipment finance fraud, and how lenders and lessors can identify and protect against scams. Ultimately, he says it is important to do as much due diligence as possible before making a loan or entering into a lease in a concerted effort to prevent a fraudulent transaction.... read more

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