AI is a Tool For The Curious Mind: An Interview With Rafe Rosato

What’s your view on AI? Do you see it as a threat or as a tool to enhance your team’s performance? Deb Reuben and Rafe Rosato discuss how to shift your mindset about this technology and use it to enhance your team’s operational capabilities... read more

Navigating The Messy Middle: How to Create Successful Change

Transformation projects rarely involve a simple journey from current state to future state. TomorrowZone and the ELFA explored how to navigate the messy middle in their most recent Innovation Roundtable.... read more

The Generative AI Future for Equipment Finance: It’s Time to Think About How to Make it Happen

What are the practical applications of AI in equipment finance? What can it do today and what can we train it to do tomorrow? Valerie Gerard and Denis Stypulkoski explore possibilities for streamlining sales, documentation, underwriting, asset valuation and more.... read more

Unlocking Greater Efficiencies: Evolving Tech Solutions for Structured Underwriting in a Hybrid Working World

The shift to remote and hybrid work has rapidly transformed the way we work, including our approach to underwriting both small and large-ticket transactions. Andrew Carman explores how newer technologies can help remote working risk teams underwrite more effectively.... read more

Financing New Vehicle Technology

Patrick Gaskins and Frank Bussone from Corcentric Fleet Solutions explore financing battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Although the technology of fleets may be dramatically shifting, basic financing principles for these assets will largely remain the same.... read more

Use Technology to Enhance Empathy and Deliver Better Customer Experiences

Technology has been changing lives since the development of the wheel. But Scott Nelson argues that it is only a means — not an end — for users and customers that only improves their experiences when empathy is applied and problems that matter are solved.... read more

How Technology Can Augment the Customer Experience

How companies interact with their customers is changing drastically, but it is still vitally important to lead with relationships and build through innovation.... read more

“Moneyball Moments” in Equipment Finance

Billy Bean and Paul DePodesta changed baseball forever by trading a human judgment-led approach for a data-based strategy that propelled the Oakland A’s to a 20-game winning streak. Scott Nelson and Tim Appleget from Tamarack Technology explore the ‘Moneyball Moments’ available to equipment finance through the use of data and analytics. ... read more

The Future of AI — Biased or Unbiased?

Will AI take over the world? Should it? Prejudices like racism and sexism show up in AI programming and software that is supposed to be neutral. In an increasingly technological world, Monitor takes a closer look at the ways this innovation can be harmful.... read more

Jevons Paradox Meets Moore’s Law: Why AI Will Drive More Hiring in Equipment Finance

Ever since 2001: A Space Odyssey introduced HAL 9000 in 1968, artificial intelligence (AI) has been perceived as a technological creature that would take the place of humans in the workplace. But the truth is that AI is making employees more productive and companies more competitive. AI is once again bringing the counterintuitive reality of Jevons Paradox into view. ... read more

Automating Tax Processes: An Opportunity to Manage Data Overload

Endless streams of data can make it challenging for companies to manage tax compliance activities. Kelly Necessary, a tax partner at FORVIS, provides insight on automation tools available to meet tax compliance standards.... read more

Beware of the IoT

Paul Bent is back with a history lesson on the “Internet of Things” as well as an update on protecting your firm from the liability of data collection, internet connectivity and potential threats to equipment assets in the ever-connected world of the internet. ... read more

Emerging Trends in Equipment Finance: Innovating Today to Compete in a Connected, Automated World

Technology continues to transform business models around the globe as companies compete for customers and employees. How will emerging technologies impact equipment finance and what will the industry look like in five to 15 years? Monitor checks in with three industry leaders who share their outlooks and provide advice for creating business strategies that will survive the test of time.... read more

Beyond the Asset: How Financing Can Support Total Device Lifecycles

Data and electronic devices are so pervasive in our everyday lives that it’s easy to forget how much information is moving around as well as where all that data goes when it’s time to replace it for something newer. Rick Trobman, president of the tech solutions global business unit at DLL, explains how finance experts can assist in protecting data, the environment and clients alike.... read more

Driving Equipment Sales Growth Through Integrated Point-Of-Sale Financing

Robert Preville of KWIPPED urges financing providers to consistently promote financing options at every point of sale to both capture market share and increase sales success. ... read more

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