2021 Monitor NextGen Profile: Angelina Frimpong

by Vol. 48 No. 3 2021

Angelina Frimpong,
Enterprise Data Architect,
Amur Equipment Finance

Angelina Frimpong started at Amur Equipment Finance as a database administrator/data warehouse developer. Over time, her responsibilities expanded and she transitioned into software development to create web APIs and web applications to integrate multiple systems. Frimpong currently leads a team of BI developers and software developers who architect enterprise data and build user-friendly interfaces to facilitate effective reporting and automation.

Frimpong believes her innovative approach, dependability and ability to hire and develop diverse talent is what makes her a unique leader.

In addition, Frimpong developed an efficient and effective way of capturing near to real-time data events, contributing to Amur’s enterprise reporting accuracy.

“My desire and willingness to seek better ways of accomplishing tasks to make the work of my associates more efficient and easier also helps improve my team,” Frimpong says.

Frimpong pays attention to minor details to ensure she hires the best people. This has paid off over time, as her team has been instrumental in improving back-end business processes.

“I have been able to build a trusted and reliable team to which I feel confident delegating tasks,” Frimpong says. “Leaders are supposed to have succession plans as a way of rewarding hardworking employees, and that’s one thing I pride myself on as a leader.”

Being reliable and building trust with her team is one of Frimpong’s key leadership attributes, helping her engage her team to meet deadlines and complete projects.

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“I am in a dynamic and diverse profession with opportunities for challenges and growth,” Frimpong says. “As I aspire to become a subject matter expert in the field of data, I want to be known for providing guidance, mentorship and tactical strategies through collaboration so that we can all have success.”

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