2021 Monitor NextGen Profile: Chelsea Haines

by Vol. 48 No. 3 2021

Chelsea Haines,
Vice President,
Regents Capital

Chelsea Haines joined Regents Capital at its inception in 2014 as a sales representative and team manager. She achieved the company’s salesperson of the year award in 2014, 2016 and 2017 before moving into executive management. Haines is a seasoned operator, bringing strategic analysis and leadership to organizational planning and execution. As a devoted wife, mother and leader, Haines is grateful for the unbridled support of her husband and children.

Haines’ current role focuses on business operations, oversight of company policies, process design, documentation and automation. She drives innovation and efficiency through technology and maintains agility for Regents’ scaling organization.

Haines, who was named a “Top Female Sales Practitioner” by Sales Hacker, recently led the redesign of Regents’ sales process and directed the migration to the Salesforce Lightning Platform.

Haines’ desire to change the status quo sets her apart among equipment finance industry leadership. Haines believes too many efforts are manual and the opportunity for scale is often constrained by an organization’s inability to adapt. She is relentlessly focused on identifying new technologies and seizing the early moments of leverage. Haines holds the same philosophy for her employees, providing them opportunities to challenge the status quo and deliver outsized value for the organization.

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When asked what she would change in the industry, Haines says, “Any perceived limitations to what can be accomplished. I believe, with the right mindset, work ethic, foundation and technology, anyone should be able to enter this industry and achieve well beyond their professional, financial and personal goals. I aim to challenge the way things are currently done, build that foundation and achieve the impossible both for our organization and my colleagues. The sky’s the limit.”

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