2021 Monitor NextGen Profile: Kathy Havlik

by Vol. 48 No. 3 2021

Kathy Havlik,
Vice President and District Manager,
Key Equipment Finance

Kathy Havlik joined Key Equipment Finance in 2008 upon graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder’s Leeds School of Business. She participated in Key’s Sales ACT rotational program, cycling through each business unit to learn the entirety of business finance.

After taking on positions of increasing responsibility, Havlik is now vice president and district manager, working in the Greater New York City market for the bank channel group to generate equipment finance and lease business while collaborating with senior sales bank colleagues. Havlik has been consistently recognized for her contributions to Key, receiving multiple Product Partner of the Year awards as well as Sales Achievement, Golden Key, Million Dollar Club, Pinnacle Club and President’s Circle awards.

“I am passionate about adding value to middle-market and small corporate companies, partnering with them to structure financing and capital solutions for their yearly capex needs,” Havlik says. “Throughout history, our economy is most successful when businesses invest in capital equipment, and I love being a part of the success of these businesses.”

When it comes to leadership, Havlik identifies individual strengths within her team and fosters those attributes while coaching on weaknesses.

“Not everyone fits into the same mold, and frankly, they shouldn’t,” Havlik says. “It’s part of leadership to spark each of these very different individuals and give them a group purpose to achieve. Truly good leadership is able to drive people to action.”

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Havlik sees untapped potential in the leasing and finance industry to innovate. She encourages the industry to take inspiration from the creative approaches of the tech industry and other disruptors. She believes the industry would benefit from attracting more women and encouraging the addition of equipment finance subjects to college curricula.

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