2021 Monitor NextGen Profile: Maia McBurney

by Vol. 48 No. 3 2021

Maia McBurney,
Senior Business Application Consultant,

As a senior business application consultant on the professional services team at IDS, Maia McBurney supports customer projects such as upgrades, new implementations and system health checks. She focuses on understanding the functional aspects of IDS’ products, helping customers use those products more effectively, training, improving businesses processes and integrating surrounding systems. McBurney enjoys the smiles and “Yays” she receives when her work (business process or functionality) provides value to a user’s day-to-day life.

Upon joining IDS, McBurney immediately dove into two large, complex customer upgrade projects and played a key role in their successful go-lives. Since then, she has delivered multiple projects, gained the trust and respect of customers and became a go-to subject matter expert for her colleagues. She is a versatile individual with the ability to bridge the technical and functional aspects of IDS’ solution portfolio.

In addition, McBurney says earning the Certified Lease & Finance Professional designation after only two years in the equipment finance industry was a great achievement.

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“Having a strong base in lease finance is beneficial for practical application in the wide range of customers I work with, from captives to banks,” McBurney says. “As the industry continues to grow and technology becomes more important, I am excited to see how IDS will shape the future of our industry.”

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