2021 Monitor NextGen Profile: Mike Richards

by Vol. 48 No. 3 2021

Mike Richards,
Financial Specialist,
Philips Medical Capital

A combination of perseverance and hard work have been key to Mike Richards’ success. Richards faced several hardships and challenges at home while growing up that made him work harder than many of his peers, which paid off in the long run.

In his undergraduate experience at West Chester University, Richards largely supported himself but used the opportunity to create his own path. He was a leader in Greek life and student government as well as an undergraduate assistant for the men’s basketball team. Along the way, he formed impactful relationships with mentors and peers.

Although many people consider college to be an academic experience, Richards views the “people” experience as essential to personal growth and development as a leader.

“I believe life is about relationships, which has allowed me to form the business mindset I hold today in my work as a specialist for the finance aspect of clinical sale,” Richards says. “I attribute my professional success to my ability to constantly take initiative, my dedication to growth and development and my passion for creating outcomes that benefit my company and my industry.”

Richards says that “it would have been nearly impossible” to succeed in his professional career without his connections with others, specifically Chuck Madeksiak at Philips Medical Capital, whom Richards considers a mentor in both business and life.

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“I also believe that consistent and raw communication, especially from leadership, is crucial to a company’s prosperity,” Richards says. “‘Corporate speak’ is becoming a standard of the past. Employees and clients want real and authentic relationships with leaders. I aim to always be my genuine self, especially in a high-pressure industry like finance where communication is crucial throughout the chaos.”

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