2021 Monitor NextGen Profile: Samya Jaber

by Vol. 48 No. 3 2021

Samya Jaber,
Quality and Controls Specialist,

As a quality and controls (QC) specialist, Samya Jaber ensures TIAA Bank’s Commercial Lending Operations’ (CLO) Vendor Equipment Finance division’s quality and controls systems maintain their best-in-class reputation. Jaber’s career in the equipment finance industry began during a college internship, and from day one, she realized she had found her niche.

“As a young person in the industry, I quickly learned to never say no to opportunities and challenges but instead turn these experiences into learning opportunities,” Jaber says. “I believe this mindset, positive attitude and strong work ethic helped me get to where I am today.”

Jaber has a natural ability to look at different ways to execute while constantly keeping both risk and client experience in focus. This has helped her find ways to help CLO scale up while delivering proper risk controls and client satisfaction.

Jaber has been part of the implementation and continued refinement of CLO’s QC systems, which leverage at-the-source front-line input to continuously monitor risk and efficiency catalysts as they appear. She says having the ability to interact with leaders from all areas of the business to provide a positive impact is energizing and educational.

“I truly enjoy my role, as it provides me the opportunity to work with all functions in the organization and this has provided me with the ability to understand all aspects of leasing,” Jaber says. “My hope is that the equipment finance industry will continue to evolve by integrating fintech and blockchain technologies, which will increase industry attraction for individuals directly out of school.”

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