2021 Monitor NextGen Profile: Sean Scampton

by Vol. 48 No. 3 2021

Sean Scampton,
Director of Sales and Marketing,

As director of sales and marketing for Leasepath, Sean Scampton’s role is as expansive as his energy. Since joining Leasepath in 2017, Scampton has been instrumental in the company’s consistent growth. He is responsible for expanding Leasepath’s user base by building new relationships, developing industry partnerships, driving marketing and messaging and working with users to ideate new solutions for Leasepath’s Microsoft-powered platform.

Credited with laying the foundation for Leasepath’s rise to prominence in the market, Scampton is committed to communicating with a mixture of empathy and transparency along with building equitable relationships on a foundation of trust.

An independent thinker, Scampton loves to push boundaries to find new and better approaches to classic challenges. He is a strong advocate for innovation and the adoption of intelligent technologies within the commercial leasing industry. He has contributed commentary on this topic to the Monitor and NEFA, and he has spoken about the importance of challenging the status quo by always being open-minded and moving forward.

Scampton serves on the ELFA Equality Steering Committee and is active in TomorrowZone’s growing think tank, which is dedicated to driving innovation. He has served on multiple boards of directors for Minnesota-based non-profit organizations.

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“If I could pick any superpower, it would be the ability to change into anyone or anything. And like any good chameleon, my career has been defined by adaptability. I’ve learned agility is critical to success,” Scampton says. “With paradigms shifting faster than ever, there’s an opportunity to reshape how the industry embraces technology. I want to push the equipment finance industry at large to evolve, both in terms of growing adoption of intelligent solutions and making opportunities more accessible to people of all backgrounds.”

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