2021 Monitor NextGen Profile: Shona Barnthouse

by Vol. 48 No. 3 2021

Shona Barnthouse,
Director of Marketing,
Alliance Funding Group

Shona Barnthouse’s mission as director of marketing at Alliance Funding Group is to improve the company’s presence and experience to drive more business while simultaneously reflecting the expertise of the company’s leadership, operations team and sales force. According to Barnthouse, Alliance Funding Group has “the best team in the industry, hands down.”

During her time with Alliance Funding Group, Barnthouse rebranded the company to match the experience and mission of the company and launched the firm’s first marketing department, allowing her to work “with some of the most brilliant teammates in this department.”

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“I am proud to work with such a top team of leasing professionals. I want to give them [the] best in marketing offerings,” Barnthouse says. “I have always tried to take my knowledge and expertise and apply what I know is best, but, most importantly, [I] take the vision of our owners and translate it into all of our marketing initiatives.”

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