Monitor Women’s List 2019: Tara Aasand

by By Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2019


Tara Aasand

Director of Account Management, LTi Technology Solutions Member, Equipment Leasing and Finance Association Past President, National Equipment Finance Association



Tara Aasand has been in the equipment finance industry for almost 15 years. Her first position in the industry was at Great American Insurance as an administrative assistant. While there, she always kept an eye out for new opportunities to build her knowledge base, working with the marketing team, account management team and, eventually, sales. 


“As a mother of a teenage daughter, it is very important to me to lead by example. Our industry needs to continue to grow, support and develop young women into leadership positions where they can add value, feel valued and further the evolution of our business.”

In 2014, Aasand knew it was time to explore new ventures and joined LTi Technology Solutions as an account manager before moving into her current role as LTi’s director of Account Management. She is responsible for managing and setting goals, as well as setting the strategic direction for the account management team. She also ensures her team keeps busy enacting LTi’s strategic and proactive approach to managing customer relationships.

Aasand believes it’s important to always be involved in industry associations, seeing the benefits in creating relationships and finding mentors through them, and has followed her own advice throughout her career. She volunteered for years with the UAEL, (now NEFA), eventually being elected the first woman president of the organization. She also works to further her involvement with ELFA.Over the course of her career, Aasand has had the opportunity to work with great mentors and leaders, men and women alike. One of her first managers became GM of her division before turning 40. Aasand found that seeing a younger woman in an executive/leadership position served as motivation in her own career, with her GM continually pushing Aasand to chase bigger opportunities.

“Being a software provider, we do not live in one segment of the marketplace, but perform services in all of them. Thus understanding the ins and outs of small, medium and large ticket businesses is essential,” says LTi Chief Revenue Officer Bryan Hunt. “Tara has accomplished this through hard work and effort in gaining a true understanding of the industry, along with a deep understanding of the companies [we serve] as well. When you couple that with Tara’s understanding of our ASPIRE platform, this gives her the ability to bring a fresh, well thought out and logical approach to addressing situations on a daily basis that better allows us as an organization to service our customers.”

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