Monitor Women’s List 2019: Sheri Bancroft

by By Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2019



Sheri Bancroft

Bancroft Leasing
Immediate Past President, American Association of Commercial Finance Brokers
Recipient, Memphis Business Journal’s “Top 40 under 40”


Bancroft Leasing provides financing for start-ups, non-profits, healthcare, hospitality, government agencies and restaurants. Founded in 1977 by Charlie Bancroft, a founding member of the AACFB (formerly known as NAELB), Sheri Bancroft and her sister, Julie, took over the business when their father passed away in 2013.


“Women are no longer waiting in the wings for their turn to shine. They are seizing opportunities and taking center stage, taking over boardrooms and running successful businesses. It’s an exciting time to be a woman in commercial finance. “

As second-generation business owners, they have a unique perspective. They watched first-hand as their father toiled and grew the company from the ground up and learned early on the importance of repeat customers. As little girls, they would “play office” on the typewriters and telephones in the parents’ offices, and when they were older, they would fax documents and write correspondence. Along the way, they went from pretending to actually becoming businesswomen.

Bancroft also credits her father for being ahead of his time. “He had an innate sense that the world would be ready for women sooner than later and made sure his daughters were prepared,” she says.

Bancroft believes in being a good steward of the commercial finance industry. She has been co-editor-in-chief of AACFB’s Commercial Break since 2014 and has served on AACFB’s board of directors since 2015. During her tenure as AACFB’s president, she initiated the AACFB’s inaugural EXPO, revised and updated the by-laws, developed a strategic plan for the future of the organization, transitioned the organization from NAELB to AACFB, re-calibrated the AACFB as a broker-centric organization and expanded membership to be more inclusive of all commercial finance brokers. She also helped build a female-majority on the organization’s board for the first time in AACFB history.

“We’ve worked with AgLease and the Bancroft family for more than 25 years. How fortunate our industry is that Sheri and Julie continue the rich tradition their father established decades before,” says Brian Huey, former treasurer of the AACFB and president of LeaseSource Financial Services. “Sheri has carried the torch well, unafraid to take on difficult and challenging tasks. When our company needs help with agriculture equipment financing, we call Sheri. It’s been an honor to watch her grow, lead the company with her sister and help guide the industry as a committee chair, board member, and president of the board of directors of the AACFB.”

Outside of the commercial finance business, Bancroft is a graduate of the New Memphis Institute’s highly competitive Fellows Program for business professionals and a co-founder of the Delta Girls Rock Camp at Hutchison School for Girls.

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