Monitor Women’s List 2019: Monica Bruegl

by By Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2019


Monica Bruegl - Ascentium Capital.jpg

Monica Bruegl

Senior Vice President, Marketing, Ascentium Capital
Member, American Association of Commercial Finance Brokers
Member, American Marketing Association
Member, Business Marketing Association
Member, Equipment Leasing and Finance Association
Member, National Equipment Finance Association


As senior vice president of Marketing, Monica Bruegl is responsible for developing and implementing Ascentium Capital’s marketing initiatives, driving growth through the specialization of integrated marketing campaigns, business development, advertising, communications, branding and thought leadership. 


“I’ve seen first-hand as a leader in several organizations the benefits of a diverse talent pool: increased innovation, faster problem solving, improved brand reputation and easier talent recruitment. Cumulatively, those are solid reasons for our industry to continue to embrace gender diversity.” 

Through most of her career, Bruegl joined organizations that were either in start-up mode or just introducing an equipment financing division. She found being accountable for results extremely rewarding and enjoyed mentoring and nurturing a new marketing team. She has been an integral part of building a business and effectively leading an engaged, high performing team.

Bruegl believes some her success can be attributed to having strong role models, especially the managers she directly reported to throughout her career. She has been able to work with leaders whom she admires and respects and who provided her with the latitude to excel.

As she has driven business growth and employee development, she has also found harnessing the power of experts and teams is a significant contributor to identifying opportunities and developing successful sales and marketing deliverables for clients.

Bruegl aims to balance a wide variety of personal and professional interests. In addition to her membership in several professional organizations, she supports and is engaged in several other groups, including Junior Achievement, an organization that promotes entrepreneurship to students across the U.S. She is also on the board of directors for We Are Healers, a non-profit that focuses on the promotion of healthcare professionals to serve in underserved areas of the nation.

Reflecting on Bruegl’s history with the company, Richard A. Baccaro, Ascentium’s executive vice president, chief sales and marketing officer, comments, “Monica joined Ascentium at our infancy and has been integral to our growth plans. She has in-depth understanding of the industry from all angles, giving her a 360-degree view: marketing, sales, operations, risk management and legal. This is unique since many organizations have silos between departments or roles, but this specialization of knowledge enables her to see the whole picture and have great foresight. This enables her to be a confident, trusted advisor and a strong leader and decision maker. She has developed a marketing team that directly contributes to the success of our organization including helping drive sales and market expansion.”

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