Monitor Women’s List 2019: Cheryl Cohen

by By Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2019



Cheryl H. Cohen

Senior Vice President, Santander Bank
Fellow, Healthcare Financial Management Association
Past President, NJ Chapter of HFMA
Winner, Healthcare Financial Management Association Medal of Honor



Although Santander Bank had an existing equipment finance team before Cheryl Cohen joined as a senior vice president, there was no one with in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry or actively working with healthcare organizations. During her first 14 months, Cohen developed those relationships throughout the United States. Her willingness to travel the country to meet with and service clients has been unparalleled. She has executed numerous master lease agreements with new clients for the bank, in addition to her work with bankers to service their clients for equipment finance opportunities.


“Employers should be ecstatic that more women are entering all industries, as the workforce has essentially doubled in size for potential hires. Having the best person in a position — male or female— creates positive outcomes. Higher productivity results in higher profits, higher dividends and higher pay scales.”

Throughout Cohen’s career, her truthfulness, honestly, knowledge of healthcare and equipment finance and willingness to go the extra mile follow her wherever she goes. Cohen often says of herself, “I am not a banker and never wanted to be a banker. I am a healthcare expert who happens to work in a bank.”

“Cheryl joined the equipment finance team at Santander to specifically generate business from the healthcare industry,” says Vince Belcastro, executive director of equipment finance, Santander Bank. “Each and every day, it amazed me to see how well she works with healthcare organizations and the team at Santander Bank. Her contributions have been invaluable and we are thrilled she is a member of our team.”

Cohen’s unique background as a former chief financial officer of a healthcare system provides her with exceptional knowledge of the industry, and she still maintains her educational credentials in healthcare to keep abreast of the continual changes and challenges of the industry.

Cohen has spent the entirety of her career in healthcare in some capacity. She started in the industry as a consultant, before moving on to work in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and an insurance company. She worked her way up the proverbial corporate ladder, moving from the budget and reimbursement division to become a chief financial officer of a healthcare system. Understanding how hospitals/nursing homes, outpatient centers and other healthcare providers are reimbursed is critical for the success of anyone working within the industry.

Cohen’s professional mission is to always provide exceptional service to her clients and to fully understand their financial situation. Her background in the industry drives her vision for a healthcare delivery system that works for everyone in the country.

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