Monitor Women’s List 2019: Theresa Kabot

by By Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2019



Theresa Kabot, CLFP

Founder and Manager, Kabot Commercial Leasing/K2 Funding Group
Member, American Association of Commercial Finance Brokers
Member, National Equipment Finance Association



Kabot Commercial Leasing (KCL) operates two divisions: a third-party origination division and an in-house portfolio of equipment finance contracts. Theresa Kabot is active in the day-to-day originations of contracts that are brokered to funding sources at KCL. She is not only involved in operations but also develops and maintains close relationships with her clients, yielding high levels of repeat business and well performing portfolios. She is also involved in the underwriting of the transactions booked at K2 Funding.


“When I first got involved with professional committees and attending conferences, not only was I the new kid but I was also one of a few women. It’s been great to watch the number of women in attendance and becoming involved increase year after year.”

Following only six years of experience in the equipment leasing sector, Kabot started her own company at the age of 27. Throughout her working life, she has always been a motivated worker and willing to work overtime to get ahead, reasons she knew would make her a good entrepreneur.

At the beginning of her career, she had the youthful enthusiasm to build her company, but starting a business on her own, with no financial backing, meant learning through the school of hard knocks. Kabot feels that her ability to recognize mistakes and determine how to learn from them in those early days has taken her a long way in the business world.

Kabot also attributes much of her success to the colleagues and friendships she developed from her involvement in professional associations. She has served on the UAEL board of directors, as past president of the CLFP Foundation and on numerous NEFA, CLFP and AACFB committees.

Others in the industry see the results of that methodical work. Commenting on Kabot’s skill, Paul J. Menzel, CEO of Financial Pacific Leasing, says, “Theresa Kabot is the consummate leasing professional. She sets herself apart with her level of commitment to our industry, her clients and funding partners, and taking principal risk in investing in assets. FinPac has been a funding source for Kabot Commercial since it was launched. If we have any performance issues with one of her clients, she is the first to address it to proactively find a resolution.”

When it comes to defining what makes women in leasing and finance unique, Kabot points out that there is a special camaraderie among women in the equipment finance sector that she does not witness in other associations.

“It feels like we are all kindred spirits, ready and willing to help each other out, back one another up and welcome new women into our industry and group,” she says.

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