Monitor Women’s List 2019: Raquel O’Leary

by By Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2019



Raquel O’Leary, CLFP

Chief Operating Officer, Allegiant Partners

Conference Chair, National Equipment Finance Association

Summit Member, Equipment Leasing and Finance Association


Raquel O’Leary has been working in equipment finance Operations since 1999, with a strong focus on systems and efficiencies. But it was not until she joined Allegiant Partners in 2011 that she realized the potential that technology had to revolutionize the entire industry. Although all of her experience has been important, O’Leary is most proud of her work leading innovation and guiding culture at Allegiant.


“I’d like to see more Operations super stars come out from behind the scenes and participate in mentoring and educating our future generations in equipment finance. Operations is heavily dominated by women in our industry, and it’s important to foster a community that supports younger talent.”

In 2014, Allegiant invested in the Salesforce platform, with O’Leary leading the charge to transform the frontend platform. She used technology to reshape Allegiant’s day-to-day operations, create countless efficiencies and use data to help Allegiant disrupt the equipment finance industry.

“Our employees enjoy working in a hard charging yet positive and healthy environment, and it has been such a joy to play an integral role in helping create a team and an ecosystem at Allegiant that promotes success and happiness for all,” says O’Leary.

O’Leary’s professional mission has been to change the way that Operations is viewed in the industry, as it is often regarded as an important but in some ways silent assassin in the background. She enjoys the opportunity to use technology to shape the future of equipment finance and highlight the importance of good operations management, communication and innovation in an organization.

O’Leary has been active in NEFA and ELFA throughout her career and has held her CLFP designation since 2007. She has become a guidepost for other companies considering innovating their business using the Salesforce platform and often gives her time outside of the office to chat with industry peers.

“Raquel is one of four executives on our leadership team, and half of our 70 employees report up to her,” says Chris Enbom, Allegiant Partners CEO. “First and foremost, she is highly intelligent and thoughtful. As head of operations, she understands the complex puzzle we are trying to solve every day, weaving people, processes and technology together to create efficiencies and a better customer experience. She is also keenly aware of people, personalities and the role of culture at AP. Raquel has been a thought leader in creating a great culture and hiring the right people, all while helping the executive team move our fast-moving business forward with her strategic insights. I’m pleased to call Raquel an executive colleague and friend.”

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