Monitor Women’s List 2019: Lisa Ohlmeyer

by By Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2019



Lisa Ohlmeyer

Senior Vice President, Stonebriar Commercial Finance

Member, Equipment Leasing and Finance Association



Lisa Ohlmeyer currently serves as senior vice president, Finance & Strategy for SCF Aviation Capital, Stonebriar’s aviation finance and leasing platform.


“As women, we have an opportunity to help promote other women. I believe it is our obligation to support the growth of women in what have historically been male-dominated environments through hiring, training, mentoring and supporting the next generation.”

After graduating from Georgetown University, she joined Deutsche Bank as an investment banking analyst focused on the industrials sector. She subsequently joined Guggenheim Partners’ Investment Management division in 2008 and in 2012, had the opportunity to help launch a new investing vertical for Guggenheim — Business Aircraft Investments. While there, Ohlmeyer and her team structured and closed on the first ever co-mingled fund focused on making investments secured by business aircraft assets. They raised equity capital from over 20 unique investors and debt financing from an insurance company, with Ohlmeyer responsible for the right side of the fund’s balance sheet, along with investor relations.

Working with a team of eight at SCF Aviation Capital, Ohlmeyer has established strategic relationships with industry partners and created unique opportunities for Stonebriar, all while working with deals that often have a short fuse and require efficient decision making and creative structuring. By getting to know their customers, her team has grown to understand their sensitivities and works to ensure Stonebriar’s structures will create successful outcomes. Ohlmeyer also strives to make sure her team feels comfortable offering up ideas and questioning each other.

As Ohlmeyer came into the equipment finance industry just as large institutions like GE and CIT were winding down, she believes the emergence of businesses like Stonebriar presented an opportunity to blend deep industry experience with nimble operating tactics. For Ohlmeyer, daily decisions need to be made through the lens of protecting shareholder value over the long term even if that means taking a step back to eventually take a leap forward.

“Lisa has been a trusted colleague and partner for over a decade. She is the ultimate utility player for our organization,” says Nicholas Sandler, executive vice president, Stonebriar Commercial Finance. “She can build a model, underwrite a credit, originate and structure a transaction and take any external constituency meeting. Lisa has been an integral part of our ability to scale to approximately $3 billion of funded transactions since we started this business eight years ago.”

Outside of work, she is a member of Milken Institute’s Young Leaders Circle, which brings together young professionals who share a common interest in finding solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

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