Monitor Women’s List 2019: Dana Pace

by By Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2019



Dana Pace

SVP, Director of Operations & Asset Resolution, PNC Equipment Finance
Member, American Society of Appraisers
Member, ELFA Credit & Collections Management Committee
PNC Certified Women’s Business Advocate


As director of Operations and Asset Management, Dana Pace manages both the front-end asset management valuations and the back-end asset management lease end operations teams. This allows her team to see industry changes both from an equipment perspective and a customer perspective, enabling them to stay nimble and react quickly when markets change. As real-time data is often the key to moving the finance and leasing business to the next level, Pace ensures data transparency throughout the transaction lifecycle is the norm for asset management.


“My vision is that women within the financial industry aren’t an oddity but become the norm. Don’t be afraid to get dirty, kick the tires. Keep providing the water and light that the seed planted by those before us needs to continue to grow.”

Pace also balances key organizational partners from Sales, Credit, Risk, Compliance and Technology to not only grow the bottom line but to create a culture that enables organizational talent to succeed. She believes that both employees and the company succeed when they have the tools they need to do their job well.

“Dana is extraordinary at turning lemons into lemonade,” says Kevin P. Prykull, PNC Equipment Finance senior vice president and credit underwriting executive. “Most recently, she inherited a number of system conversion matters that impacted all aspects of the company and our clients. She quickly mobilized the impacted parties and obtained essential resources to improve the process. The solutions were not quick fixes, but with her disciplined approach, she achieved favorable outcomes for all constituents, especially our clients. Dana remains a consummate professional, and I always appreciate her leadership on the team.”

Over the last decade as a member of the ELFA Credit & Collections Management Committee, Pace has contributed to conferences and coordinated ELFA Women’s Council events. These networking events helped her develop future equipment finance leaders by sharing best practices and ideas with industry colleagues, in addition to gaining knowledge from industry peers she could then apply back to her own team. Coordinating Women’s Council events also allowed Pace to bring together women and advocates to build long term relationships and connections, furthering her professional education.

Outside of work, Pace is actively involved in global wildlife conservation and fundraising for conservation reserves, as well as local zoo conservation research projects to protect endangered species and habitats. As part of her passion for wildlife conservation, she has visited four countries in Africa and six reserves dedicated to elephant, rhino, okapi, leopard and cheetah research.

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