Monitor Women’s List 2019: Reid Raykovich

by By Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2019



Reid Raykovich, CLFP

Director of Account Management, LTi Technology
Executive Director, Certified Lease & Finance Professional Foundation
Member, American Association of Commercial Finance Brokers
Member, Equipment Leasing and Finance Association
Member, National Equipment Finance Association


As executive director, Reid Raykovich drives the strategic mission of the Certified Lease & Finance Professional Foundation by working closely with the Executive Committee, board of directors and working committees. She is responsible for all business functions of the Foundation, including representing the Foundation at industry events throughout the year.


“The Foundation has seen a large uptick in the female population, with 40% of all CLFPs and Associates being female, whereas in 2012 it was 24%! A focused effort is being made for inclusion and allowing all individuals a seat at the table.”

Raykovich’s equipment finance career began at Great American Insurance. Lacking direct leasing experience, she participated in the CLFP (then CLP) program to gain a deeper understanding of her clients’ business. When her interest in equipment finance piqued, she eventually sought a job at an equipment finance broker. Before taking time away from the industry to raise her daughter in 2010, Raykovich also worked for a bank and an independent leasing company. This breadth of experience exposed her to different facets and business models within the industry, and Raykovich gained a true love and passion for the equipment finance world.

After taking some time off, Raykovich wanted to reenter the industry and found the opportunity to take over the role of executive director for the Foundation. When she was selected, it was in dire straits, struggling with cash flow and dwindling membership. Believing in the CLFP’s purpose and feeling there was an enormous amount of unrealized potential to make a very positive impact in the industry, Raykovich took on the daunting challenge of turning the organization around. Her passion for the designation motivated her to become a tireless advocate for the Foundation and the setting of its professional standards.

“I have personally worked with Reid during her early years in our industry as our lead account manager for a large industry service provider. I have always been impressed with her problem solver skills and with her unique leadership skill set,” says Randy Haug, executive vice president and co-founder of LTi Technology Solutions. “You would find it very hard to find anyone in the industry who knows or has worked with Reid that is not better off because of it.”

In the first five years of her directorship, the Foundation has added 350 new members and currently has over 800 members in total. The Foundation has also achieved financial stability and received endorsements from all major industry associations, a true testament to the designation’s acceptance as the industry standard. Raykovich plans to continue her work of growing the Foundation, with CLFPs in development in three countries.

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