Monitor Women’s List 2019: Lisa D. Wax

by By Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2019



Lia D. Wax, CLFP

Vice President, Operations – Contract Management, Financial Pacific Leasing
Member, American Association of Commercial Finance Brokers
Member, Equipment Leasing and Finance Association
Member, National Equipment Finance Association


In her current role at Financial Pacific Leasing, Lia Wax is responsible for managing the booking process, customer service and file management. It’s the latest step in her 20 year journey with the company, starting with a position in the file room that became the basis for a career Wax still loves.


“When I first joined FP, they had never had a woman senior vice president. I’ve since seen a shift at FP and within the industry, but we’re still not where we need to be with women in every type of position and at every level within the industry. “

As part of the Financial Pacific leadership team, Wax believes in leading by example and won’t ask someone to do anything that she’s not prepared to do herself. “Your people have to believe they are on this journey with you, not just for you,” she says. “You’re responsible for making the tough decisions, but you’re also responsible for encouraging collaboration and allowing everyone to have a voice.”

Wax advocates for continual education and knowledge gathering, believing the more you learn, the better you can be and farther you can go. This belief led to her sitting down for the CLFP exam, viewing it as an opportunity to learn about the industry as a whole. Learning can also go hand in hand with mentoring, and Wax credits two significant mentors in her professional life who believed strongly in sharing knowledge.

Wax also strives to be creative in her work life, always looking for better, faster or easier ways to do things for the benefit of the customer and company alike. She sees creativity as a way to remain competitive while continuously working to improve the customer experience.

The three foundational pillars of leadership, knowledge and creativity have paid off for Wax. She has received the company’s leadership award three times, as voted on by the staff at large. She also taught the Lease Law and Documentation section at several CLFP Academies for Lease & Finance Professionals and served as a subject matter expert for the 6th edition of the CLFP handbook.

“Lia’s drive to continue to expand her knowledge and take on challenges is impressive. She is passionate about learning and eagerly shares her knowledge with others. She loves a good challenge and continues to take on additional tasks and responsibilities professionally and personally,” says Kathy Graves, Financial Pacific senior vice president, retired. “Her ability to manage and lead people, improve processes and mitigate risk while also having fun are greatly valued at Financial Pacific and in the leasing industry.”

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