Balboa Capital Sets Its Sights on $1B in Annual Originations

by Rita Garwood June 2021

In a Q&A with Monitor following Balboa Capital’s recent $50 million corporate note financing, Heather Parker, CFO of Balboa Capital, shared the company’s plans to scale its platform to $1 billion in annual originations via an efficient lending process that offers quick turnaround times, same-day funding, 24/7 vendor access, and real-time reporting for its customers.

Heather Parker,
Balboa Capital

In the press release announcing Balboa’s recent $50 million corporate note financing, you mentioned that this transaction will support your growth strategy from 2021 and beyond. Can you tell us a bit more about those plans?

Heather Parker: Balboa Capital strives to develop and further penetrate national account partnerships with equipment vendors, franchisors, and direct-to-customer originations. With quick turnaround times, same-day funding, 24/7 vendor access, and real-time reporting, we believe our current platform is scalable to generate $1 billion in annual originations.

What is Balboa’s current go-to-market strategy? What types of businesses and sectors are you reaching out to?

Parker: Balboa Capital uses a variety of highly effective marketing efforts to grow our business, such as its direct salesforce marketing to national account vendors, search engine marketing/optimization, targeted emails, social media presence with more than 35,000 followers, content creation, tradeshows, direct mail and email communications. We will continue to reach out to diverse industries, including medical, information technology, commercial vehicles, and construction, machinery and industrial. We are also looking to grow our franchise financing and working capital businesses.

As we emerge from the pandemic, what are the top concerns of your small business customers and how are you helping to address them?

Parker: We see opportunity for our small business customers as we emerge from the pandemic. We have adopted risk-based pricing to cover a greater range of credit spectrum. We continue to focus on the convenience and efficiency of the funding process.

What can we expect from Balboa Capital in the next three to five years?

Parker: You can expect Balboa Capital to continue to be an agile, fast moving, entrepreneurial-minded company that offers a variety of financial products to help business owners grow their business and fulfill their equipment and technology needs. Our focus will be on increasing the efficiency and ease of transaction through further development of fully-integrated proprietary technology platform.

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