Kiyoshi Doi: Strength in Relationships

by Monitor Staff Vol. 48 No. 4 2021
Kiyoshi Doi, the CEO of JA Mitsui Leasing USA, has been in the leasing business for three decades and throughout that time, he’s developed a passion for forging strong customer relationships, which will be a key part of the company’s growth strategies.

Kiyoshi Doi,
JA Mitsui Leasing USA

Kiyoshi Doi has a passion for forming and strengthening customer relationships, which forms the base for his work at JA Mitsui Leasing USA. As with most companies, the COVID-19 pandemic drastically altered how JA Mitsui Leasing USA could interact with clients, but despite this challenge, Doi has prioritized keeping those important connections alive. He says the company has built stronger relationships and worked on new international business throughout the pandemic.

Doi and his team have kept up their customer relationship focus by understanding the importance of strong policy, procedures and infrastructure so that they can make adjustments regardless of the situation.

The ability to stay in tune with JA Mitsui Leasing USA’s customers goes back to Doi’s deep roots at the company, specifically on the Mitsui side. Doi has worked for JA Mitsui Leasing and its predecessor, Mitsui Leasing & Development, for 30 years and he joined the business by following in his father’s footsteps.

“My father was a Mitsui man … I admired him. I respected him,” Doi says, noting that he traveled quite a bit with his father as a child, helping further influence his career trajectory. “I joined Mitsui Leasing right out of college, and the reason why is that they had global presence and I wanted to travel around the world.”

Throughout his career, Doi has passed down his passion for and commitment to clients to his colleagues, especially in his current role as CEO.

“If my passion is not shared with my team, it’s really meaningless,” Doi says. “I try to be humble with the others, other staff, team members inside and outside of our organization, and I’m passionate about listening and learning and growing together with the team and celebrating success with them.”

Doi expects to have plenty of successes to celebrate in both the near-term and long-term. Although he is concerned about the current low interest rate environment and its inability to accurately reflect risk, he is focused on growing the North American operation for JA Mitsui Leasing at a rapid pace so it can be a larger contributor to the company’s global business. That short-term goal feeds into his aspirations for the long haul, as he plans to diversify the business by branching into different asset classes, with an ultimate goal of entering the top 20 of the Monitor 100. Having a clear and ambitious vision does not mean Doi will lose sight of what has driven him until now, however.

“I have always considered speed in responding to customers, sensitivity to customer needs and providing good customer service as a key to my success in the leasing business,” Doi says. “Even as our business grows in the U.S., I will keep these core values of business going forward.”

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