Drawing the Fine Line Between Leases & EFAs

In a mock sales Q&A, regular Monitor contributor Linda Kester describes how to approach a potential client’s question: “What’s the difference between an equipment lease agreement and an equipment finance agreement?”... read more

Use Careful Consideration When Drafting Collateral Descriptions

In part two of this two-part series, Kenneth P. Weinberg and Jennifer L. Howard continue their discussion of collateral descriptions in security agreements. Touching on limiting verbiage, timing considerations and collateral type changes, they recommend careful review to make sure you come up smelling like a rose when your lien is challenged.... read more

Lender’s Side of the Desk: Bill Mayer Brings Deep Experience to WFEF

As Bill Mayer steps into John McQueen’s shoes as head of Wells Fargo Equipment Finance, he emphasizes the importance of collaborative goal setting, a relationship focus and understanding risk as he explores new ways to continually grow a successful brand.... read more

Recent Developments in Oil & Gas Lease Markets

Technological breakthroughs have enabled domestic oil production to replace imports at a historic pace. Dana J. Pasternak, managing director and founder of Fairfield Capital, says the good news is that a lot of the equipment used in fracking is manufactured for extreme duty, has a reasonably long useful life and maintains relatively strong residual values, helping lessees mitigate their collateral risk.... read more

Frustrations of an Old Accountant Living in a New World

Bill Bosco shares his thoughts on the ever-evolving lease accounting world and the many standards changes that have taken place or are slated to take effect. Most importantly, he urges leasing professionals to follow up with FASB as it continues its deliberations.... read more

Fostering Time, Talent & Treasure Through Member Engagement

Bob Rinaldi discusses the top priorities for his term as ELFA Board of Directors chairman, emphasizing the vital role of member engagement through time, talent and treasure to ensure the continued sustainability and success of the industry.... read more

‘Foreseeability’ — Conducting Effective Leasing Transaction Interpretations

Anthony Lamm continues his discussion on issues that arise from the Dodd-Frank Act and how local, state and federal laws apply to different lease transactions. Of particular importance is determining the nature of the lease as an entity and which state statutes apply to the transaction to help govern the transaction’s characterization as either commercial or consumer.... read more

No Respect: Why Charge-Offs are Still Assets

Brett Boehm of TBF Financial thinks charged-off loans or leases don’t get the respect they deserve. He explains how the process of selling charged-off assets can generate revenue from almost nothing.... read more

Asset Managers Adapt to Change Using a Team Approach

With a fresh start to the new year, Monitor’s 2015 roundtable discussion with five asset managers provides insights from a variety of perspectives encompassing practices that are likely to continue amid the ripple effect of uncertain North American oil and gas markets.... read more

Software Financing Part 2: Making Customer Receivables Attractive to Potential Purchasers

In the second installment of this two-part series, William S. Veatch continues his discussion on software vendor financing programs, noting that to the ensure success of a software vendor program standard form customer documentation must be carefully reviewed and customized to allow the vendor to sell customer receivables on a nonrecourse basis.... read more

CTB Equipment Finance Expands Bank Footprint, Deepens Relationships

In a Q&A with Monitor, Jim Lyons, director of CTB Equipment Finance, discusses how he and partner Drew Hayes are incorporating their best equipment finance practices to relationship-focused Community Trust Bank in order to develop a high-quality, sustainable equipment finance unit.... read more

How to Respond When Told Your Rate Is Too High

Regular Monitor contributor Linda P. Kester discusses how to counteract customer resistance to “too high” rates. She advises salespeople to engage clients to learn how you can better serve them, demonstrating your rose as a problem preventer and solution provider, an ally more valuable than an instant rate dropper.... read more

Effective Asset Management: Optimizing Customer Service in Equipment Leasing

With 72% of U.S. companies using some form of financing when acquiring equipment, honing end-of-term practices is important for both customers and the industry as a whole. GE Capital Equipment Finance’s Jim Kelly provides insight into how companies can streamline end-of-term processes by identifying areas of self-improvement.... read more

Drafting Collateral Descriptions That Pass the Sniff Test

In part one of a two-part series, Kenneth Weinberg and Jennifer Howard analyze collateral descriptions in security agreements and financing statements. They advise careful consideration of collateral descriptions to avoid getting pricked.... read more

467 Loan Structuring

IRS Section 467 loan structuring techniques are commonly used today as powerful leveraged lease structuring approaches that can greatly improve a transaction’s economics. Ivory Consulting founder Chris Ivory provides insight into the use of a 467 loan.... read more

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