Today’s CFOs: Rising Stars in Recessionary Times

Eventually when the textbooks are written about this current recession there will be a lot of chapters that feature the winners and losers. There will be the ones led by smart CFOs, who broke the code and advanced smart financing solutions, including leasing options to acquire technology during the recession. These decisions today would be seen as pivotal in positioning their companies for growth during the inevitable rebound in the global marketplace.... read more

System Configurability Helps Equipment Finance Companies Adapt to Change

In today’s marketplace, adapting to change almost always requires system adaptation. Today’s most powerful systems can help equipment finance companies achieve the necessary flexibility more rapidly, and at much lower expense, through customer configurability.... read more

Technology in Tough Times: Using Web-Based Quoting to Enhance Customer Relationships

A key to getting a technological bang for your buck in tough times is to be both focused and creative — focus on specific high-value challenges, and creatively use existing mature technology to meet them. Management is unlikely to support massive long-term projects, however worthy, where the investment up front is high and the payoff is years out and uncertain. Here, we’ll look at one such high-value/relatively low-risk application — focused Web-based quoting.... read more

Understanding Fixtures and Special Priority Rules in Lease Default Claims

In a rough economy, lessors are more frequently faced with competing claims against equipment on lease to defaulted customers. Some of these claims come from landlords or mortgagees who have an interest in the premises on which the leased equipment is located. Such claims can be particularly troublesome if the leased equipment may be considered fixtures under state law.... read more

Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities: Dafaults and Workouts

The very structure of many commercial loans, and the relationship between rents collected and mortgage payments, have the effect of deferring loan defaults for a while. Signs are beginning to appear, though, that delinquencies are sure to accelerate. When they do, there will be an avalanche of defaults, of which perhaps 20% will be of loans that are now held in commercial mortgage-backed securities trusts falling under the general description of “commercial mortgage-backed securities” (CMBS).... read more

Attention Salespeople

Frustration is a normal emotional response to being unable to fill a need. It’s a feeling of dissatisfaction, often accompanied by anxiety or depression, resulting from unresolved problems. Linda Kester provides eight steps to alleviate the frustration many salespeople experience.... read more

Documentation of Certificates of Title Drum Up a Complex Dance Between Parties

Stepping out of the familiar and more-or-less uniform terrain of the UCC and into state title laws has proven perplexing, expensive and, in some cases, disastrous for motor vehicle lenders and lessors. At the end the day, the interplay between the generally uniform provisions of the UCC and the various state Certificate of Title laws resembles a complex dance, which must be attempted with caution.... read more

First Circuit Rules on Debtor’s Right to Exempt Fraudulently Conveyed Property

On April 1, 2009, the Court of Appeals for the First Circuit became the first federal circuit court to publish a decision on the right of a debtor to exempt property that the debtor fraudulently conveyed prior to filing bankruptcy. ... read more

Is Your Business Ready for Economic Recovery?

Just like the seasons, economic busts turn into economic booms. Whether the economy or the stock market has bottomed out is irrelevant; one day soon the economy will turn around. Will your business be ready to handle the increasing volume of orders smoothly and efficiently, or will you find yourself back in firefighting mode, scrambling to deliver?... read more

A Funnel Full of Sales Prospects

Building a high-quality list of leads takes a lot of time and resourcefulness but after a while, it takes less of both. And while it’s not easy, it’s well worth it. Linda Kester returns to remind us of the sense of satisfaction one receives by connecting with their top ten prospects on a regular basis.... read more

SL Financial Services

Since its launch in 2000 with a staff of four, Connecticut-based SL Financial — a subsidiary of Germany’s Landesbank Baden-Württemberg — has grown its staff five-fold, opened offices both north and south of the U.S. border, and broke half-a-billion dollars in managed assets. In recognition of its debut on the Monitor 100, we asked CEO Klaus Knuth to tell us how the company did it. ... read more

Huntington Bank Equipment Finance

For Robert Allanson, president of Huntington Bank Equipment Finance, it’s all about simplicity, stability and longevity. And that comes from working with a core group of associates for more than 20 years and focusing on the things that matter in the equipment finance business.... read more

SG Equipment Finance USA

Pascal Bouillon, CEO of SG Equipment Finance USA, finds himself on his third U.S. assignment — this time at the helm of the business he was instrumental in creating in 2006. Just having completed its first full year of U.S. operation, Bouillon shares the French banking giant’s rationale for entering the U.S. leasing market.... read more

U.S. Economic & Interest Rate Outlook

In the following outlook, economist Paul Kasriel of Northern Trust’s Global Economic Research team answers a question that is perhaps on everyone’s mind — are we there yet? And while the short answer is no, there are signs of moderation in the rate of descent of economic activity. And all things being equal, that’s not too bad.... read more

Protecting Your Collateral: A Little Something About Lessee Assignments and Assumptions

In these difficult times, lessors are more frequently willing to allow an existing lessee to assign its rights and interest in leased or financed equipment to a new lessee so long as the new lessee assumes all obligations under the lease. This issue of Dispatches from the Trenches discusses additional due diligence that should be conducted for lessee assignments and assumptions.... read more

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