IT Management Strategies

While many IT organizations are accustomed to preparing a thorough analysis of procurement and funding options, including the traditional “lease versus buy analysis,” the report, “Strategies for Managing IT Equipment Renewal & Replacement in Difficult Times,” recommends that CIOs and CFOs take a more strategic view of IT procurement and its impact on their organizations.... read more

Construction Industry Remains Unsteady

With a half million construction jobs lost since last year, the construction industry is teetering on the edge. Its resurgence depends on a variety of factors, but most of all how the industry can work together and with local, state and federal governments to make that difference.... read more

Construction Equipment Dealers Admit Contractors Are Feeling the Pinch

With the residential housing market going down the drain, major banks being bailed out by the Fed and company after company filing Chapter 11 or even Chapter 7, to say it’s been a rough year is an understatement. And no industry knows this better than the construction industry. ... read more

Implied Covenant of Good Faith & Fair Dealing

This issue discusses the implied duty of good faith and fair dealing often raised by aggrieved lessees complaining of lack of fairness or equity. Such claims are frequently heard simultaneously with claims of unfair and deceptive trade practices, unjust enrichment and unconsionability.... read more

Documentation Matters

Most brokers, lenders and lessors have heard horror stories about doing business in California and the requirement of having a Commercial Finance Lenders License. Yes, the horror stories are true although qualifying to obtain the license is not very difficult. The following discussion is a short summary of some of the relevant provisions of the CFFL.... read more

Brokers: Ignore the Doom & Gloom

Given the turmoil in today’s financial markets, many equipment leasing sales professionals are feeling discouraged. It’s hard not to be when the media is bombarding you with negative information. Now more than ever it’s vital to keep a positive attitude.... read more

American Machine Tool Distributors' Association

Nearly a year ago in November 2007, Peter Borden took over as president of the American Machine Tool Distributors’ Association (AMTDA). Unlike many of his predecessors who had come from association backgrounds, in choosing Borden the AMTDA elevated a lifelong member of the machine tool industry to lead the group.... read more

Machine Tools Finance

With the many factors causing the market to destabilize, it’s a relief to know that one industry sector has stayed afloat and even expanded in the past six months. U.S. Bank’s Ken Rector explains why manufacturing has maintained this relative stability.... read more

Industry Sector Overview 2008

... read more

As Green Technology Needs Heat Up, Entrepreneur Launches Solar Equipment Leasing Firm

Stories tell of entrepreneurs coming up with seemingly brilliant ideas on a whim; one day the dreamer wakes up and has an “ah ha” moment that redefines a market. But Casey Pittock, founder and CEO of GreenTech Lease Finance, doesn’t subscribe to this notion. He believes business ideas and companies are born of study, experience and a network of smart people.... read more

Important Differences Between Commercial and Municipal Equipment Lease Documents

A veteran commercial leasing professional can quickly become “a fish out of water” when attempting to dive into the murky waters of municipal leasing. Nearly everyone knows that a municipal lease must include something referred to as a “nonappropriation clause,” but beyond that, do you know the legal risks of failing to include certain provisions that are specific to municipal leasing transactions? Do you know the provisions that should not be included?... read more

Government Financing in Today’s Market: The De Lage Landen Perspective

In its simplest terms, public finance is the way in which state and local municipalities and federal government agencies acquire essential equipment or services to run their operations. Interestingly, there is not much public information available detailing the dynamics of this intriguing industry.... read more

Tough Times Emphasize Sound Collections Practices

Moving past 2008 may seem like a good idea given all that has transpired, but judging from the early signs, we may not like what we see in 2009, either. However, modern science has not yet come up with a way to allow us to fast forward through the bad times, so it’s time to look 2009 squarely in the eye.... read more

Trucking Industry at a Crossroads

The American Trucking Association estimates that trucks haul 70% of all freight tonnage and that 80% of all U.S. communities receive their goods exclusively by truck, which means that distress in the trucking industry has the potential to increase the cost of nearly all products consumed by Americans. But opportunities are out there for those that develop roadmaps for success.... read more

Liens That Survive Transfer of the Equipment

This month, Ken Weinberg contemplates UCC provisions, which protect a lessee when it sells equipment leased pursuant to almost every type of lease under the sun as well as equipment finance agreements and loans secured by equipment.... read more

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