Bridget Lindner

“I believe that we can do a lot to propel this industry forward that hasn’t been done before… Imagine where we can use technology in equipment finance for our dealers, such as providing them with real-time quotes based on some basic information they give us or having them have a view into their portfolio with us so that we can help together to grow our business together in a partnership.” – Bridget Lindner

Bridget Lindner
CIO North America at DLL

Bridget Lindner is a senior technology executive recognized for establishing strategic roadmaps and delivering customer-focused, high-impact business and technology solutions in an iterative model. Known as an engaged and authentic leader, Lindner builds trust and culture to empower teams to achieve their best.

Prior to joining DLL in 2021, Lindner was a senior vice president and IT senior director at TCF Bank. She was a key leader in pivoting the TCF Bank organization from a project to product operating model, introducing fundamentals of product management, agile delivery and DevOps disciplines. She also led the transition to product level investment planning, adopted business outcome focused roadmaps, improved time to market technology delivery from quarterly releases to every two weeks, and led a 90% reduction in the most severe IT incidents within her first year with the company.

A proven leader in delivering business and technology results and building collaborative and high-performing teams, Lindner also previously spent 13 years with Target and seven years with Accenture.