Christine Kwan, Northteq – 2023 NextGen 40 Under 40 List

Christine Kwan, Project Manager Team Lead, Northteq

Christine Kwan, project manager team lead at Northteq, splits her time in half, dedicating one part to managing projects and the other to leading the project management practice, which includes managing a team of project managers dedicated to delivering on client engagements and building out the company’s project management processes and methodologies. In her first year within this role, she has led more than a dozen projects of ranging sizes while implementing the company’s Aurora loan/lease origination system and partner portal for clients, which allows for automation within the origination process.

In her spare time, Kwan enjoys exploring her home city of Toronto and surrounding area with her toddler and engaging in a robust early morning workout routine to start each day. “My favorite thing to do is exploring the city with him, taking the train to different places, checking out different shops and stopping for some sweet treats,” Kwan says. “As a busy working mom, I also make sure I have time to myself and a key part of my self-care routine is working out first thing in the morning. It helps me avoid distractions and keeps me energized throughout the day.”

And there is no shortage of demand for that energy. Kwan says her job requires her to multitask, as she is typically managing anywhere between six or more projects at any given time. Her secret to not buckling under pressure is her ability to keep her eye on the prize. “When I have a complex task at hand, I’m able to stay focused, channel my attention and energy into the task and power through to bring the task to completion without being distracted by other matters,” Kwan says. “This helps me stay productive, doing more and doing better in less time.”