Monitor Industry Icons Nominations

Nominations are open for Monitor’s annual Industry Icon awards, which will appear in our Sept/Oct issue, featuring profiles of industry leaders in the following categories:

A trailblazer who was the first to try something new that has been adopted by the industry
Past Pioneers: Tony Golobic, Reid Raykovich, Bill Phelan, Dan Michalek, Deborah Baker and Bette Kerhoulas

An individual who has weathered several economic cycles and has created a legacy of performance and contribution
Past Veterans: Adam Warner, Rich Doherty, Crit DeMent, Joe Nachbin, Bill Carey and Don Campbell

Current Leader 
A current, high-ranking equipment finance leader who uses creativity, knowledge and influence to strategically direct their organization
Past Current Leaders: Terey Jennings, Eric McGriff, Nancy Robles, Amy Gross and Miles Herman

An innovative, current leader with a company or technology that is changing the industry (future pioneer)
Past Disruptors: Mark Tomaselli, Bill Verhelle, Deborah Reuben and Robert Preville

A rising leader, age 40 and under, who has demonstrated tenacity, creativity and drive to keep the industry relevant and competitive
Past NextGen: Kara Miyasato, Allison Conley, Lexie Dressman, Ricardo Rios and Kevin Hall

To nominate someone for this honor, please complete this form by Friday, Aug. 2, 2024.

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