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2022 Monitor 100 Full Flipbook

Exclusively for Monitor Suite subscribers, this flipbook version includes all charts and data from this year's Monitor 100. ... read more

Emerging Trends in Equipment Finance: Innovating Today to Compete in a Connected, Automated World

Technology continues to transform business models around the globe as companies compete for customers and employees. How will emerging technologies impact equipment finance and what will the industry look like in five to 15 years? Monitor checks in with three industry leaders who share their outlooks and provide advice for creating business strategies that will survive the test of time.... read more

Survival of the Adaptable: How Successful Independents Thrive Through Turbulence

By Phil Neuffer

Over the last few years, a global pandemic, geopolitical atrocities, rising inflation and many other factors have made the equipment finance landscape even more difficult to traverse, particularly for independents. However, companies like Auxilior Capital Partners, Dext Capital, North Mill Equipment Finance and SLR Equipment Finance have shown what it takes to do more than survive. ... read more

How to Market When the Marketplace Is Changing Fast

By Michelle Speranza

Change can be scary, but it will happen regardless of your reaction. Michelle Speranza explores three areas marketers can focus on today to meet change head-on, stay flexible, keep in tune with audiences and build strong relationships.... read more

What’s Happening Now to Shape Our Future? Alta Advisors Share Their Collective Insights

By Valerie L. Gerard

The future of equipment financing requires resiliency and innovation. Adapting to economic changes and customers’ evolving needs and building closer stakeholder relationships are key components to maintaining success in the coming future. Alta advisors share their thoughts on what the future can look like for the industry and strategies to get there.... read more

Transformational Leadership: How and Why Good Leadership Applies Directly to Important Changes in the Equipment Finance Industry

Ten industry leaders sat down with Monitor to discuss the emerging and necessary changes that will be made in the equipment finance industry and how great leadership can contribute to, respond to and implement those changes.... read more

Smart Solutions for Financing Equipment When Inflation Spikes, Interest Rates Climb

By Ellen Comeaux

Inflation and the current economy are affecting every industry, including the equipment finance industry, whose clients have had to be innovative when addressing solutions to the current and pending economic difficulties. While myriad options exist, it’s up to equipment finance companies to point these clients in the right direction. ... read more

2022 Monitor 100: Navigating Ongoing Unpredictability

The Monitor 100 rebounded from the initial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, posting a modest gain in net assets and the largest uptick in originations since 2012. The group managed this feat amid a tight labor market and backlogged supply chain. And although soaring inflation, rapidly rising rates and recession fears have joined the maelstrom in 2022, the group remains optimistic for future growth.... read more

Trading Hindsight for Foresight: Monitor 100 Executives Embrace the Human Side to Seize Opportunities

By Nate Gibbons, CLFP

We are facing an era of rapid evolution and time-tested business strategies are losing their effectiveness. How can the industry meet this challenge? Nate Gibbons checks in with four Monitor 100 executives to discuss the trends that could change the commercial lending industry and the opportunities embedded within them.... read more

Pawnee Leasing Celebrates 40 Years in Business

By Gary Souverein

Pawnee Leasing’s president, Gary Souverein, celebrates the company’s 40th year in business with a Monitor Q&A. Souverein details how humble beginnings and a solid executive team have built the company for unending success. ... read more

Linda Redding: From Mentee to Mentor

As the new head of equipment finance at J.P. Morgan Commercial Banking, Linda Redding is exploring the art of the possible and building on the bank’s strong foundation to build a market- leading equipment finance group while serving as a mentor for the next generation. ... read more

Marci Slagle, CLFP: Rising Above the Challenges

BankFinancial joins the Monitor 100 at No. 79 under the leadership of Marci Slagle, who has unbreakable optimism despite the pandemic, a tumultuous economy and geopolitical events. Slagle discusses the challenges she has overcome and shares her plans to build a team that can withstand any event’s impact.... read more

Kyin Lok: Charging Forward with a Purpose

Dext Capital has ascended to No. 92 from No. 103 in the Monitor 101 last year. CEO Kyin Lok attributes this growth to his team’s passion to support healthcare providers and medical manufacturers as a nimble, direct lender capable of providing a differentiated experience. ... read more

Tim Moriarity: Focusing Inward to Grow Outward

Jumping to No. 95 this year from No. 107 on last year’s Monitor 101 list, Tim Moriarity of TriState Capital Bank Equipment Finance says the name of the game is client relationships and a strong back-office team that carried the company through unprecedented and unexpected times. ... read more

Joel Mikolich: Rebranded, Refocused and Ready

A rebrand, determined team and hyper-focus on customer and industry needs brought the results that proved to be enough to get Falcon Equipment Finance’s debut on the Monitor 100 list. Joel Mikolich, president of Falcon, details what the company did to gain its new ranking. ... read more

How to Future Proof Your Business to Survive & Profit from Radical Change An Interview with Jonathan Brill, author of Rogue Waves

By Deborah Reuben, CLFP

In the current unpredictable economic circumstances, businesses must figure out how they can continue to grow and remain resilient in the face of financial changes due to the pandemic. Deborah Reuben of TomorrowZone spoke with Johnathan Brill to discuss what businesses can do as well as his book, Rogue Waves.... read more

General Collateral Descriptions in Equipment Finance - The PEB Perspective

By Kenneth P. Weinberg

In this edition of Dispatches from the Trenches, Kenneth P. Weinberg discusses recent case law and accompanying commentary from the permanent editorial board of the Universal Commercial Code.... read more


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