Fleet Outlook: Economic Indicators, Increased Emphasis on Strategy, Data & Technology

Brian Holland

As we’re already nearing the midway point of Q2/24, there remain a multitude of economic changes creating more challenges for every industry. While this has been top of mind for many ever since the pandemic, equipment finance professionals are cautiously... read more

Fleets’ Financial Health Gets a Boost from Managed AP and AR Solutions

Patrick Gaskins

Fleets face challenges on every front, from disasters like the Key Bridge collapse, volatility in the fuel market, fluctuating interest rates, continuing shortages in the supply chain and so much more. Despite those challenges, an organization’s continued growth and viability... read more

AI Fitness Begins with Data Consolidation

Scott Nelson

Most aspirational 2024 New Years’ resolutions have fallen by the wayside leaving only those that are critical to mission and well-being. In equipment finance, Engaging AI in 2024 is one of the latter, not the former — making it a... read more

The Future of Work After AI: Human Wisdom Will Be the Most Valuable Business Asset

Jena Morgan

What does the future of work after AI look like? What if the most valuable business asset over the coming decades will be the wisdom of our mid-lifers and elders? I predict a big Western culture shift in which we... read more

Five Factors Shaping Equipment Finance’s Shift to Subscriptions

John Pearce

Subscriptions have been taking over more and more of the economy since the SaaS era took off two decades ago. This shift is finally coming to equipment finance in the form of something called XaaS: everything as a service. Why... read more

Equipment Finance and Banking: Forever Together?

Scott Nelson

Equipment Finance companies and banks are two industries irreversibly tied together by funding. The partnership is often collaborative, sometimes competitive and sometimes strategic via mergers and acquisitions. This is the everyday world of the Rinaldi Advisory Services team (RAS). RAS... read more

Old McDonald had a Dell: AI, AI, Oh!

Ken Greene

I admit that once, I thought that AI was a steak sauce. My mi-steak! It may be a special sauce, but I do not recommend pouring it into your computer. In fact, despite its ubiquity and influencer-type popularity, I caution... read more

Art in Artificial Intelligence? Can Creativity and Code Converge?

Ken Greene

In the realm of technology, where algorithms and data crunching often steal the spotlight, there exists an art form hidden in the lines of code and the depths of data sets. Yes, you read that right; there’s an art in... read more

Why HR Needs AI Too

Scott Nelson

For as long as I can remember I’ve been told that “technology will change everything.” Whether good or bad, from the wheel to electricity and the smartphone, it’s a true statement. The latest “big thing: in technology is AI. Depending... read more

Playing the ‘What If” Game

Patrick Gaskins

We are in one of the most volatile economic environments that we have seen in quite some time. Who could have predicted the failure of two major banks? The news surrounding Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Financial have made some... read more

Improve Your Team’s Innovation Fitness with AI

Scott Nelson

Innovation is an organizational muscle that can be trained and strengthened World-class athletes put in long hours working out to strengthen their muscles and hone their skills in order to compete at the highest levels. Organizations, like athletes, need to... read more

How to be Effective AND Efficient: Driving Productivity at a Digital Finance Company

Scott Nelson

Doing the right things is about producing results that matter and being effective in one’s mission. Doing things right is about operational excellence and being efficient at what one does. Companies that focus on building and managing teams that perform... read more

Digital Business 101: Five Steps to Faster and Better

Scott Nelson, Ray Wizbowski, Aaron Dym

Transformation to becoming a “digital business” may be a tired topic, but how many finance companies can actually claim success? Indeed, how many business leaders have a definition of success for digital transformation much less have communicated it companywide? Certainly,... read more

Get to Know Artificial Intelligence: An Interview with Professor Manjeet Rege

Scott Nelson, Aaron Dym

If you’re not marketing that you use Artificial Intelligence (AI), you’re probably worried that you should be. AI is a go-to buzzword in business today. But I believe it is also one of the most misunderstood – both technically and... read more

Heads Up! 5G Will Need Equipment Finance

Scott Nelson, Aaron Dym

5G is on everyone’s mind right now. The carriers have installed enough 5G equipment to provide usable coverage so they have unleashed their marketing armies upon us. AT&T seems to be in the lead – fictional advertising commercial salesperson Lily... read more

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