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Evolving From A Financing Source To A Financing Partner

Patrick Gaskins

Trucking is complex and getting more so as we start the journey to a more sustainable movement of freight. While matching truck specs to duty cycle has always been important, the reality was that some fleets spec’d trucks for use... read more

Recent Developments in Cannabiz: Out of the Fire and into the Pot?

Ken Greene

Recently, United States health regulators proposed that the federal government loosen restrictions on marijuana. Since the cannabis equipment finance space has grown exponentially over the past years, this should come as welcome news to those who are a part of... read more

Why HR Needs AI Too

Scott Nelson

For as long as I can remember I’ve been told that “technology will change everything.” Whether good or bad, from the wheel to electricity and the smartphone, it’s a true statement. The latest “big thing: in technology is AI. Depending... read more

Equipment Leasing is Not a Form of Vendor Contracting

Kevin Trabaris

Over the years I have had many opportunities to represent equipment leasing finance companies negotiating leases and other related documentation with argumentative lessees.  Equipment leasing falls under the body of law for, and standard practice among practitioners of, a financing... read more

Helping Fleets Navigate Interesting Times

Patrick Gaskins

Fleets are faced with myriad choices for powering their vehicles, interest rates are rising, the used truck inventory is growing rapidly, and the inverted yield curve is creating problems from a financing standpoint. I think we can agree that, at... read more

Transportation, Logistics, Finance – Strategies to Help Organizations Overcome Challenges in Attracting a More Diverse Talent Pool

Jackie Jacobs

With a multi-generational workforce across all industries and the job market more diverse than it has ever been, job seekers in transportation, logistics and equipment finance are proactively looking for ways to provide equal opportunities for individuals with a diverse... read more

2023 State of Courts: Three Ways Lenders Can Oil the Wheels of Justice this Year

Tenor Ickes

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, hearing delays and backlogs are still a large, lingering issue in the courts. Despite the advent of new legal technology (legaltech), a significant portion of the legal community continues to use outdated methods... read more

What’s Really Happening With Disclosure Laws in Connecticut?

Ken Greene

Connecticut is, by all accounts, about to become the latest state to jump on the disclosure bandwagon. The law would take effect on January 1, 2024. There have been a few mistaken reports that the law has already been enacted... read more

Where AI & ChatGPT Are Offering Equipment Asset Management Opportunities and Challenges for Equipment Finance Professionals

Hadley Benton

The highly developed and evolving artificial intelligence (AI)-driven tools and resources, including those that employ natural language processing like ChatGPT and Google’s recent AI offering Bard, are providing many new opportunities for today’s finance professionals. And while experts in the... read more

Keeping Track of the New Disclosure Laws

Ken Greene

Whether you are an expert in rocket science or, perhaps, alchemy, staying apprised of the panoply of new disclosure bills and laws is somewhat of a daunting challenge. This article is intended, as all lawyers intend, to make your lives... read more

Georgia on My Mind

Ken Greene

On April 10, 2023, Georgia’s new commercial financing disclosure law approached the finish line as Senate Bill 90 hit Governor Brian Kemp’s desk with strong bi-partisan support, a mere two months after it was proposed. If the bill passes, as... read more

Making Mitsubishi HC Capital America – A Calculated Rationale

Ian Koplin

On April 1, 2021, Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Company Limited (MUL) and Hitachi Capital Corp.  merged and changed its corporate name to Mitsubishi HC Capital, Inc. At that point, Mitsubishi UFJ Lease and Finance was an approximately $65 billion... read more

Playing the ‘What If” Game

Patrick Gaskins

We are in one of the most volatile economic environments that we have seen in quite some time. Who could have predicted the failure of two major banks? The news surrounding Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Financial have made some... read more

How Funders Can Ensure Broker Compliance with the California Disclosure Laws

Ken Greene, Shervin Rashti

Commercial transaction brokers, as a general rule, have minimal obligations under the relatively new California disclosure laws (CDL) . As we know, funders (referred to in the CDL as financers or providers) have many. There are numerous and complex disclosure... read more

A New Era in Rail Regulation: The East Palestine Train Derailment – Reactions and Next Steps for the Rail Industry

Shari Domow Bacsardi, Dillon Redding, Joshua Wabnik

As of late, the East Palestine train derailment, a disastrous incident that led to a controlled burn of hazardous chemicals and a multi-day evacuation of a small Ohio town, has been a hot topic for politicians, news pundits, and rail... read more

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