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LeaseTeam, Inc.

LeaseTeam, Inc.
4139 S 143rd Circle
Omaha, NE 68137

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Randy Haug, EVP, Vice Chairman and Co-Founder

Bryan Hunt, Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Jesse Johnson, Director of Sales

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About the Company

Type of Business:

Software and Services for the Equipment Finance Industry

In Business Since: 1989

Trade Associations: ELFA, NEFA


Since 1989, LeaseTeam, Inc. has provided software solutions and services to equipment finance companies throughout the US and Canada. LeaseTeam is built on a foundation of seasoned professionals with varying industry expertise who are passionate about the industry. This group of professionals is comprised of: technology experts, industry influencers and participants who have been users of the system.

LeaseTeam’s products are built on a flexible architecture that adapts to the varying needs of its clients and affords LeaseTeam customers the ability to be nimble with their business objectives. As a result, LeaseTeam’s install base is incredibly diverse and represents a wide array of portfolio and ticket sizes, business types and financial products within the equipment finance industry.


LeaseTeam views their clients as partners – a partnership where LeaseTeam’s staff of expert developers and accounting professionals takes care of the software and technology side of the business, while their clients focus on making deals and growing their business. LeaseTeam believes the best way to help their clients is by being knowledgeable, and not just about their products but in every facet of the business.


LeaseTeam uses a software development methodology that utilizes collaborative cross-functional teams, including business representation, to develop and deliver working software. The process focuses on delivering high quality software based on the highest value business functionality. LeaseTeam also utilizes a team of subject matter experts, business analysts, software developers, technical writers and test engineers to ensure delivery of well designed, developed, documented and tested functionality.

LeaseTeam’s products, flexibly manage the entire lifecycle of an equipment finance contract from a quote through termination and the ultimate disposal of the equipment. LeaseTeam’s products are built on a flexible architecture designed with a workflow orientation that focuses on standard business processes, integrating the data required by the process and striving to eliminate duplication.

LeaseTeam’s goal with its flexible architecture is to accommodate all types and sizes of equipment finance companies including: small, middle market ticket sizes, small and large portfolios, captives, financial institutions and independents. The benefit this flexible architecture brings to the customers is the ability to take their business in any direction they choose while still utilizing the same system. LeaseTeam’s larger and more diverse client base also means a more robust set of features and solutions are available to their clients.


Hosted Environment
Competing in this economic climate, while delivering a consistent level of service, is requiring organizations to rethink their IT delivery strategies and core competencies. IT budgets and staffs have been reduced, yet demands for new business applications and network processing continue to expand. To solve these issues, a growing number of organizations are investing in software-as-a-service (SaaS). The SaaS deployment model allows for a renewed focus on core competencies.

LeaseTeam continues to lead the way with their on-demand solutions by providing access to their industry leading software in a LeaseTeam hosted environment offering the highest standards when it comes to power, connectivity, reliability and above all security.

Report Development and Business Analytics
In today’s world information is power and a competitive advantage. LeaseTeam realizes, even with a full suite of standard reporting tools, additional reports may be needed. When that time comes, a LeaseTeam consultant will work with you to define your reporting and business analytic needs to design a reporting package that gives you the information you need to make sound business decisions.

System Review
One of the biggest challenges facing companies today is keeping up with the constantly changing business environment. If you let your system get out-of-line with your changing business needs, your system will become inefficient. This doesn’t have to be an issue; you can rely on the experience and industry knowledge from LeaseTeam to ensure you are using best practices and that your system is fully optimized. This may include but is not limited to: system configuration changes, internal process adjustments and product customization.


LeaseTeam believes a truly good solution has to be more than just great products and services. That’s why LeaseTeam’s solutions go beyond their technology and software products to include in-depth industry knowledge, commitment to excellent customer service and an overall dedication to successful partnerships with their clients.

Contacts: Bryan Hunt, Randy Haug and Jesse Johnson

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