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Why HR Needs AI Too

Scott Nelson

For as long as I can remember I’ve been told that “technology will change everything.” Whether good or bad, from the wheel to electricity and the smartphone, it’s a true statement. The latest “big thing: in technology is AI. Depending... read more

Tamarack Joins Salesforce Consulting Partner Program

Tamarack Technology, a provider of artificial intelligence (AI)-based automation and business intelligence products and software integration services for the equipment finance industry, joined the Salesforce consulting partner program. read more

North Star Leasing Implements Tamarack’s TrailView Customer Service Portal

North Star Leasing, a division of Peoples Bank, partnered with Tamarack Technology on the implementation of Tamarack’s TrailView Customer Service Portal, which will provide North Star Leasing’s customers with 24/7 access to account information. read more

Tamarack Technology Releases Whitepaper on Using AI in Equipment Finance

Tamarack Technology released a whitepaper explaining how artificial intelligence can be used within the equipment finance industry titled “Five steps to organizational transformation in equipment finance using AI.” The whitepaper is available to download for free. read more

Use Technology to Enhance Empathy and Deliver Better Customer Experiences

Technology has been changing lives since the development of the wheel. But Scott Nelson argues that it is only a means — not an end — for users and customers that only improves their experiences when empathy is applied and problems that matter are solved.... read more

Tamarack Partners with Sandhills to Leverage AI for Enhanced Portfolio Management

Tamarack Technology and Sandhills Global entered a partnership that will provide Tamarack with access to Sandhills’ market value asset data, which can be analyzed by AI technology to improve portfolio performance. read more

Tamarack Partners with Vision Commerce to Accelerate Use of Origination Data to Drive Value

Tamarack Technology and Vision Commerce will partner to help equipment finance companies and brokers make better use of the data generated by their businesses. Through the partnership, Tamarack and Vision will jointly market each other’s products. read more

Improve Your Team’s Innovation Fitness with AI

Scott Nelson

Innovation is an organizational muscle that can be trained and strengthened World-class athletes put in long hours working out to strengthen their muscles and hone their skills in order to compete at the highest levels. Organizations, like athletes, need to... read more

“Moneyball Moments” in Equipment Finance

Billy Bean and Paul DePodesta changed baseball forever by trading a human judgment-led approach for a data-based strategy that propelled the Oakland A’s to a 20-game winning streak. Scott Nelson and Tim Appleget from Tamarack Technology explore the ‘Moneyball Moments’ available to equipment finance through the use of data and analytics. ... read more

Tamarack Technology Releases Last Whitepaper in Series Examining AI

Tamarack Technology released the third and final whitepaper in a series examining the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in the equipment finance industry. read more

Tamarack Technology Adds Fisher as Senior Data Engineer for AI Solutions Team

Tamarack Technology added Jeremy Fisher as a senior data engineer. Fisher joined Tamarack from Robins Kaplan, where he served as a financial systems and database administrator, working with vendors to integrate systems into the company’s new CRM system. read more

Tamarack Technology Launches Part II in Series of Whitepapers on AI

Tamarack Technology launched the second part in its series of whitepapers on the application and examination of artificial intelligence (AI) in the equipment finance industry titled, “Prediction: the next stage in equipment finance automation." read more

Jevons Paradox Meets Moore’s Law: Why AI Will Drive More Hiring in Equipment Finance

Ever since 2001: A Space Odyssey introduced HAL 9000 in 1968, artificial intelligence (AI) has been perceived as a technological creature that would take the place of humans in the workplace. But the truth is that AI is making employees more productive and companies more competitive. AI is once again bringing the counterintuitive reality of Jevons Paradox into view. ... read more

Tamarack Publishes Whitepaper Series on AI in Equipment Finance

Tamarack Technology, published the first part in a series of whitepapers on the application of AI in the equipment finance industry. read more

Tamarack Launches TrailView Customer Online Support Service Portal

In order to support modern expectations for 24/7 access to account information and streamlined account management processes, Tamarack Technology introduced the TrailView Customer Online Support Service portal. read more

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