2024 Monitor 100 Letter from the Editor

by Rita E. Garwood Monitor 100 2024
In the 12 years that I've been involved in creating the Monitor 100, this is the very first time that we are sending the issue to press in mid-May! Our team is excited to deliver our most anticipated issue of the year a little early.

Rita E. Garwood,
Editor in Chief,

The Monitor 100 looks different this year. Since 2016, a U.S. bank affiliate has occupied either the No. 1 asset or volume ranking (or both). But this year, the No. 1 company in both categories is John Deere Financial. Although Bank of America still occupies the No. 2 position when it comes to portfolio size, DLL has moved up to No. 2 in the volume ranking.

These shifts are indicative of a larger sea change in equipment finance. With asset values and interest rates elevated, financing equipment no longer delivers the benefits to borrowers and lenders that it once did. Many in our industry are calling for a return to our industry’s roots — creating innovative leasing structures based on the needs of customers, a topic we explore in The Edge.

Meanwhile, if you are with a bank and want to convince your parent to stick with equipment finance, you’ll want to catch Rick Remiker’s seven tips to defend your bank-based business line.

We also sit down with several Monitor 100 leaders to discuss headwinds and tailwinds they are seeing in today’s market and provide executive profiles of five executives: Nick Small of Cisco Capital, Kris Foster of Pinnacle Financial Partners, Brij Patel of Alliance Funding Group, Walter Stranzl of OnPoint Capital and Scott Dienes of Associated Bank Equipment Finance.

Delinquencies have been on the rise, and Quentin Cote explores how we got here as well as the essentials of proactive delinquency management. He argues that a return to fundamentals can create the groundwork for tomorrow’s growth.

In Capital Markets Corner, Scott Kiley explains how to be the buyer a syndicator calls first; in Around the Globe, several Monitor 100 executives discuss their journeys into international markets; in The Tomorrow Zone, Deborah Reuben interviews Jen Swanson about how to evolve your leadership style for today’s digital world; in Tipping the Scales, Stephen Whelan explores new ways that hackers are committing wire fraud and how to avoid becoming a victim; and in Crunching the Numbers, Bill Bosco illustrates how a salesperson can provide the best structure to solve a client’s needs.

If that wasn’t enough, we also celebrate the 35th anniversary of LTi Technology Solutions with a special interview with Randy Haug and recognize the winners of the Converge 2024 awards.

Our next issue, which will focus on the rising NextGen stars of the industry — and vendor finance —will be coming out a little later this year. We are already hard at work to provide you with a recap of Converge 2024, a guide to the FMV lease, tips for effective portfolio management and interest rate hedging, and much more.

Until then, we hope you enjoy this year’s Monitor 100!

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