In 2019, Monitor continues to provide readers, online visitors, on-the-go executives and advertisers with multimedia platform options. Monitor’s leadership position in the equipment finance and leasing industry is derived from its long-standing reputation for consistent delivery of quality content, a hallmark of the publication for more than 40 years. As reader habits have changed, so too has Monitor, with a broader array of content delivery options that include print, digital, web, email, mobile and social media choices. Monitor continues to lead by offering integrated marketing solutions that deliver maximum results.


As Monitor enters its fifth decade in publication, we continue to be guided by one of the basic tenets of this business — never stray from the unrelenting passion for providing quality content that got us here. The method of delivery doesn’t matter if we lose sight of this underlying imperative.

As we expanded our delivery platforms to include mobile, digital, web and email opportunities, we kept the needs of our audience in mind.  Readers of Monitor enjoy the choice of print or digital that can adapt to their lifestyle — whether they are curled up on a comfortable couch, sitting at a desk or flying at 35,000 feet. To reflect the changing needs of our web visitors, features include a more expansive selection of content platforms supported by responsive delivery to ensure ease of use across all devices.

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Let’s talk about Monitor’s content and how we keep it fresh and interesting. To ensure the subjects we cover are topical, we rely on feedback from both the daily E-news and from reader surveys. To assure on-point and informational content, we select authors with topic credentials on the basis of their specialty. Our resident journalists, freelance writers and regular contributors provide additional insights into what’s top-of-mind in every issue.

By advertising with monitordaily, your brand will be seen by decision makers in the equipment finance and leasing industry. We’ve witnessed a dramatic increase in the use of mobile devices to access our online content, which is why we launched a fully adaptive content delivery system to support monitordaily. We also added exclusive online content featuring insights from industry thought leaders on how to facilitate best practices and improve performance.

In 2019, we again deliver our annual rankings of the top 100 leasing companies in the U.S., most active vendor players, top 50 bank affiliates and leading private independents. We vigilantly cover the top news events of the year and treat our readers to interviews and feature articles that capture the essence of an ever-changing landscape.

We enter 2019 determined to hone our focus on continuously improving the quality of our content. We will build upon our unique access to the industry insiders who are shaping the future, and Monitor will continue to reign supreme as the most trusted source for relevant and timely information in the equipment finance industry.


Monitor reaches a core audience of decision makers in the equipment finance industry…

  • 78% (4,210) of Monitor subscribers are employed by equipment finance companies, encompassing bank affiliates, non-bank financials, captives and private independents
  • 74% (3,968) of Monitor subscribers hold the position of VP or above
  • 46% (2,477) of Monitor subscribers are senior level executives (2,212) or business owners/principals (265)

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Monitor… In Print, Digital & Mobile

Now entering its fifth decade serving the information needs of the equipment finance industry, Monitor will offer seven issues in 2019 including the 27th annual Monitor 100, our exclusive 30-page report on the largest equipment finance and leasing companies in the U.S. The Monitor digital edition expands the reach of the print publication and offers unique technology-based advertising opportunities not available in print. Additionally, Monitor’s growing audience of MonitorMobile app users extends the reach of our publications even further, which allows you to maintain a presence in the mind of a prospect regardless of time, place or mode of engagement.

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Our monitordaily website reflects the changing needs of our visitors. Features include a broad array of content platforms supported by adaptive delivery to ensure ease of use across all devices. Advertisers benefit because there are more opportunities to engage with a prospect in venues that were previously not available. Whether via desktop, smartphone or tablet, monitordaily is the place to employ a bold approach to creating awareness for your brand.

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Daily, Weekly & MONTHLY E-News

Forwarded every business day and twice on Monday to over 7,700 registered subscribers, the monitordaily E-News broadcast provides opt-in readers with timely delivery of the top news stories of the day. The second send on Monday provides busy executives with a summary of the top news stories from the previous week. New in 2018, we raise the bar to include a monthly E-News blast featuring the top news and articles of the month, a sure-to-please addition to our popular news delivery platform.

Uniquely formatted to ensure reader engagement, our E-news sponsors enjoy the benefit of consistent exposure to members of the equipment finance community that represent a core demographic profile of a prospect. Our E-news broadcast is supported by a robust delivery system that consistently ensures 99% delivery rates. As a value proposition, there’s no better way to create and sustain a presence in this industry.

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Website Banner Advertising

Monitordaily is the place to create awareness for your brand in the dynamic equipment finance industry. Recently expanded to take advantage of the cutting-edge technology, monitordaily’s engagement features include adaptive delivery and a banner zone that provides 140% more homepage exposure than our previous iterations. Additional features include limiting the number of advertisers in a rotation to ensure the delivery of a minimum number of page impressions to maximize the value of your investment.

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Service Directories — WEB, Digital & Print

A listing on our new online services directory provides advertisers with their very own customized webpage that includes a section that can be used to share newsletters, whitepapers, webinars or other special announcements with our visitors. As an added-value feature, a dedicated resources page allows additional access to promotional content. For additional value, sign up to be a Featured Partner, and watch your logo on the monitordaily homepage drive additional traffic to your directory listing page. To maximize results, join our community of service providers that advertise each year in print and digital versions of the Monitor’s annual Services Directory.

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Classified Employment Advertising

Monitor and monitordaily offer both print and online classified employment advertising packages. Classified employment advertising with Monitor magazine and online with monitordaily produces unequaled results, and is the most cost-effective hiring solution in the equipment finance and leasing industries. A very satisfied customer recently took time to provide feedback on using our website for his classifieds saying, “I almost exclusively use you [monitordaily]…as soon as I post, I start getting calls, you are the industry source!”

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