Monitor 2024 Funding Source & Top Private Independents Issue

Mar/Apr 2024 | Vol. 51, No. 2

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Letter from the Editor - 2024 Funding Source & Top Private Independents Issue

By Rita E. Garwood

Get the full rundown of everything that appears in Monitor's Mar/Apr issue, including the Top 30 Private Independents, Funding Source Roundtable and updates on M&A and the capital markets. ... read more

A Time of Transition: Journeying into the Unknown of Displacement

By Jennifer Martin, By Scott Preiser

A great deal of transition has taken place in the employment landscape of equipment finance over the last 12 months. Jennifer Martin shares her journey into the unknown that came with displacement and Scott Preiser shares his perspective as a recruiter in the industry.... read more

Cultivating Change: Converge Inspires the Digital and Innovative Future of Equipment Finance

By Brianna Wilson

Converge is, as Lisa Rafter puts it, “the most fun you’ll ever have at an industry event.” Featuring crowdsourced, dynamic discussions, Converge is designed to get ahead of upcoming disruption and ensure that the equipment finance industry is “future-proof,” all while intimately connecting forward thinking industry leaders and celebrating the sector’s outstanding accomplishments.... read more

Breaking Barriers and Setting Boundaries at the ELFA Women's Leadership Forum

By Rita E. Garwood

How do you show up as a leader? How can you ensure your time and energy is devoted to the projects and passions that are most important to you? Speakers at the ELFA Women’s Leadership Forum explored these topics and helped women leaders step into their power and become more inclusive leaders.... read more

After a Second Consecutive Year of Low M&A Activity, 2024 May Bring Buying Opportunities For Non-Bank Institutions

By James Jackson

James Jackson from The Alta Group explores the equipment finance M&A market for 2023 and provides an outlook for the year ahead. With banks sitting on the sidelines for the second year in a row, acquisition opportunities abound for non-bank institutions.... read more

March Madness: Charting The Capital Markets Chaos of 2023

By Scott Kiley

In 2023, the equipment finance capital markets space experienced the most dramatic and rapid changes since the Great Recession. Scott Kiley recounts the flurry of events that unfolded in his new column, Capital Markets Corner.... read more

Navigating The Messy Middle: How to Create Successful Change

By Rita E. Garwood

Transformation projects rarely involve a simple journey from current state to future state. TomorrowZone and the ELFA explored how to navigate the messy middle in their most recent Innovation Roundtable.... read more

Top Private Independents Roundtable: Cost of Capital and the Rise of Private Credit are Key Themes for 2024

With banks pulling back from equipment finance, what does the landscape look like for independents? Brian Holland, Steve O’Leary and Bill Stephenson weigh in on the cost of capital and the rise of private credit and provide an outlook for the year ahead.... read more

Set Back But Optimistic: Monitor's Top Private Independents' Growth Spurt Slows

By Brianna Wilson

Monitor’s Top 30 Private Independents experienced a slight lull in originations growth in 2023 after two consecutive years of the highest-reported year-over-year new business volume growths in the ranking’s history. Still, it was a good year for the independents, which reported a collective 14.9% year-over-year new business volume growth. The top five independents are a mix of familiar faces and old friends, consisting of Stonebriar, GreatAmerica, PEAC Solutions, Fleet Advantage and Auxilior Capital Partners.... read more

Funding Source Roundtable: Cautious Optimism Amid Economic Uncertainty

By Paul Fogle, By Dave Lyder, By Deborah Monosson, By Adam Peterson

Monitor sat down with four notable leaders to assess the state of the funding source space, as Paul Fogle, Dave Lyder, Deborah Monosson and Adam Peterson check in on current deal flow, challenges lenders are facing, concerns about credit quality and the rise of fraud, and how geopolitical and banking turmoil are impacting their businesses.... read more

Depoliticizing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

By Brianna Wilson

There’s a true split in diversity, equity and inclusion in the wake of the Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn affirmative action last summer. While some companies are cracking under the pressure of subsequent legal threats, others are taking strong stands to continuously advocate for DE&I.... read more

AI is a Tool For The Curious Mind: An Interview With Rafe Rosato

By Deborah Reuben, CLFP, By Rafe Rosato

What’s your view on AI? Do you see it as a threat or as a tool to enhance your team’s performance? Deb Reuben and Rafe Rosato discuss how to shift your mindset about this technology and use it to enhance your team’s operational capabilities... read more

The Art of the Deal: Financing Musicians

By Kenneth C. Greene

Music makes the world go ‘round, but who finances the musicians? Ken Greene explores the often untapped music industry and how lenders and lessees can break into the market.... read more


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