The Monitor welcomes contributions from those “in the trenches.” After all, you are our best source of information! We accept timely and engaging feature articles (1,200 to 1,500 words) covering the entire range of issues pertaining to the profession of equipment leasing finance. To view upcoming issues and their themes, see our advertise pages.

Also, we always welcome your commentary in the form of “Letters to the Editor.”

ALL SUBMISSIONS must be original work and must not have been previously published unless prior authorization is received from the editor.

Query, Abstract, or Outline Submission

A brief query, abstract or outline of your story idea is preferred. Please e-mail your proposal to Rita Garwood at [email protected]. Indicate if you’d like your submission to be considered for a department (specify) or a feature story and be sure to include complete contact information.

Manuscript Submission

Send manuscripts via e-mail as a Microsoft Word attachment to Rita Garwood at [email protected]. Be sure to include complete contact information.


The Monitor accepts first North American Serial Rights. Authors must contact the editor for permission to reprint and source the Monitor in all subsequent printings.


If references are required, please use the footnote function in Microsoft Word.


Submission of photographs, charts, tables and other graphics is encouraged. Images may be e-mailed as JPEG, TIFF, PDF, or EPS files or mailed on a disk to the editor. Images must be 300 dots per inch (dpi) and a minimum of 4 inches by 5 inches. If artwork has been previously published, permission from the copyright holder to reproduce or adapt the art must be included.

Author Responsibilities

Authors are solely responsible for the content of articles submitted. The magazine accepts no responsibility for inaccuracies in manuscripts or references. It is the author’s responsibility to notify the magazine of any potential conflict of interest with respect to submitted articles and to acknowledge affiliation with any organization or entity mentioned in the text and/or financial interest in any subject matter, organization or product discussed.


While the editors will attempt to preserve the author’s voice whenever possible, all accepted manuscripts or letters to the editor will be edited for space and clarity according to the magazine’s style and format. Please use Associated Press style guidelines where applicable.


The Monitor does not offer monetary compensation to writers. In exchange for writing, authors will receive two copies of the print publication in which their piece ran (please include a mailing address with submission) — and the bragging rights of having contributed to the equipment finance and leasing industry’s leading publication.

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