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Episode 115: Modernizing an Analog Leadership Style to Stay Ahead in a Digital World

Are you applying an analog leadership style to your digital transformation projects? In today’s podcast, Deborah Reuben interviews Jen Swanson about how to evolve your leadership style to achieve success in a digital world.

Episode 114: Alternative Investment Giant Ares Makes Play in Equipment Finance

Earlier this year, Ares Management, one of the largest players in the asset and investment management space, announced its foray into the equipment finance space, as funds managed by its alternative credit strategy launched Ansley Park Capital, a new entity designed to deliver financing solutions in the large-ticket sector.

In a joint podcast from Monitor and ABF Journal, we we sat down with Joel Holsinger, partner and co-head of Ares Alternative Credit, and Eric Miller, Ansley’s Park Capital’s president and CEO, to learn more about the opportunities Ares sees in the sector and how the firm plans to approach the market.

Episode 113: Enhancing Operational Capabilities with AI

Are you worried about technology replacing you? In this podcast, Deborah Reuben interviews Rafe Rosato about how to shift into a mindset of curiosity that allows you to harness the power of AI and improve your team’s efficiency.

Episode 112: AACFB Update: What’s in Store for Members in 2024

AACFB has many new opportunities for members in 2024, including an expanded brokering essentials class, exciting ways to give back to the community and much more. AACFB’s Executive Director, Monica Harper, provides an update on all things AACFB in this podcast.

The “Who” of Converge with Bill Verhelle & Lisa Rafter

In part 1 of 3 of this Converge-centered podcast, Lisa Rafter, publisher and CEO of Monitor, and Bill Verhelle, founder and CEO of QuickFi, discuss the conference’s key players, including its groundbreaking keynote, its panel of transformational and innovative equipment finance leaders, and its provocative workshop facilitators.

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Episode 111: What’s Your Innovation Type?

How do you innovate? Denis Stypulkoski of Reimagine Advisors discusses the four forms innovation can take and the spirit of curiosity and play inherent in the process of transformation.

Episode 110: What’s New at NEFA in 2024

There are many things in store for NEFA members in 2024, including new educational opportunities, an expanded event offering and much more. Chad Sluss and Robert Hornby explore everything that’s new at NEFA in this podcast.

Episode 109: Stop Fear from Holding You Back

We’ve all experienced the paralyzing influence of fear. When fear takes hold, it can stop us from taking on new challenges, innovating and growing. How can we conquer fear for good? Deborah Reuben and Chris Cummins discuss strategies to overcome the fear factor in every aspect of our lives.

Converge 2024 Insights with Keynote Speaker, Peter Hinssen

With the industry buzzing about artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation and the next generation of innovation, Monitor is hosting Converge 2024 to tackle the ever-evolving future of equipment finance. In this podcast, Peter Hinssen, Converge 2024’s keynote speaker, shares insight from his recently authored book, “The Phoenix and the Unicorn,” which covers the what’s, why’s and how’s of corporate innovation.

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Episode 108: GenZ & Gen AI

Embracing innovation and crafting a brighter future demands more than our own perspectives. How can we break free from entrenched biases and infuse new vision into our journey? In this podcast, Deb Reuben and Marti Grimminck share how Gen Z engages with emerging technology and how the perspectives of this younger generation can shape the future of companies.

Episode 107: How Law Firms Can Adapt to the Changing Needs of Equipment Finance

As the landscape of equipment finance shifts, the legal needs of the industry are evolving as well. How can law firms adapt? In today’s podcast, we will explore how law firms can utilize new technology, explore new fee structures, educate their clients, and focus on transactional work to adapt to the changing needs of the industry.

Episode 106: Building a Syndication Desk from Scratch

In the fourth and final special edition of Monitor’s podcast featuring interviews with the 2023 Monitor Industry Icon award winners, NextGen icon award winner Kevin Hall discusses how he built a buy and sell syndication desk from scratch.

Episode 105: Making a Difference with Sustainable Development

We all want the world to be a better place. Beyond volunteering our time or donating to worthy causes, what else can the commercial finance industry do to further that goal? This podcast, a joint collaboration between Monitor and ABF Journal, provides a look into a commercial finance company that has created wins for its borrowers, the community it serves and its own bottom line. Learn more here.

Episode 104: Taking Care of Your People & Inspiring Growth

In the third special edition of Monitor’s podcast featuring interviews with the 2023 Monitor Industry Icon award winners. In this episode, we sit down with Miles Herman who takes a caring and understanding approach to leadership that helps his team grow and evolve.

Episode 103: Thriving Through Transformation

How can you ensure the transformation initiatives you take on achieve the desired outcomes? And how can you and your team thrive as you take on major transformation initiatives? Deb Reuben, Sobat Khawaja and Brooke Foster explore those questions and more in today’s podcast, which is part a series in partnership with TomorrowZone.

Episode 102: Blazing a Trail from Kitchen Table to Industry Icon

In the second special edition of Monitor’s podcast featuring interviews with the 2023 Monitor Industry Icon award winners, Bette Kerhoulas, shares the story of her trailblazing career in equipment finance that began with $200 in capital at her kitchen table.

Episode 101: Achieving Success with Enthusiasm and Hard Work

In the first of four special Monitor podcasts featuring interviews with the 2023 Monitor Industry Icon award winners, we sit down with this year’s Veteran Icon award winner, Bill Carey, who discusses the trajectory of his career and the biggest lessons he’s learned along the way.

Episode 100: Adopting an API-First Strategy and Utilizing AI

Keeping up with current technology is essential for every equipment finance business. But incorporating the latest technology does not need to be an insurmountable hurdle. In this podcast, Kamran Kahlid outlines how utilizing an API-first approach can help streamline technology adoption.

Episode 99: UnTraining to Amplify Sales Results

If American corporations are investing nearly $70 billion in sales training every year, why are three-out-of-four salespeople failing? Deb Reuben and Kelly Riggs explore that question and more in this podcast.

Episode 98: Comedy & Innovation: How Unconventional Ideas Can Lead to Breakthrough Thinking

Diversity of thought and diversity of input help us to connect the dots in new and interesting ways. Unconventional ideas can lead to breakthrough thinking and tangible value creation. Now, more than ever, leaders need to boost their teams’ creativity and innovation potential. But how do you do it? Deb Reuben and Bill Stainton explore this topic and more in this podcast.

Episode 97: Attracting and Retaining Diverse Teams

We know that diverse teams perform better. But how can industries like equipment finance and transportation attract and retain a diverse team? Jackie Jacobs addresses this question and more in this podcast.

Episode 96: Innovating Adult Learning to Shape the Future

Continuous learning is vital for thriving in our rapidly changing world, but not everyone learns the same way. With so many things changing, so much to learn and so many ways to learn, how can we innovate the adult learning experience? Deb Reuben and Todd Buzard explore this question and more in this podcast.

Episode 95: Education for All in Equipment Finance

Education is important. But with a subject as specialized as equipment finance, educating yourself about various aspects of the industry is not always accessible from traditional training sources. In this podcast, Sudhir Amembal discusses the state of training in equipment finance today and explores new options available for everyone in the industry.

Editor’s Note: In this podcast, Sudhir mentioned that the ELFA currently offers only one course, which is incorrect. The ELFA currently offers one in person course and four online courses.

Episode 94: Big Takeaways from Monitor‘s Converge Conference

Monitor celebrated its 50th anniversary with a special event called Converge. A huge part of the event was our Converge Conference, which was focused on creating the future of equipment finance. Deb Reuben, who always has her eyes on the future, explores the biggest takeaways from the Converge Conference.

Episode 93: Embracing Our Humanness to Overcome Technology Adoption Hurdles

Technology adoption is something that we all deal with—and to be honest, the process often comes with a variety of hurdles. How can leaders ensure that they are approaching technology in a way that benefits everyone involved including their teams, customers and business health in general? Alistair Canal explores these questions in this podcast.

Episode 92: Shaping the Equipment Finance Workforce of the Future

Innovation is key to building a better future, but how do we ensure we have the workforce to support it? Many of us fell into our careers in equipment finance by chance, but what if we could change that? What if we were intentional about building the workforce of the future? Deb Reuben, Reid Raykovich, Lia Wax and Rob Warland explore these questions in this podcast.

Episode 91: Expanding Beyond Cannabis

Credit standards have been tightening while the cannabis industry has been taking off. In this podcast, Jim Bates provides an outlook for the cannabis industry and explains why XS Financial, which has exclusively served cannabis companies, is expanding into new markets.

Episode 90: How Team Behavior Can Create Kryptonite Proof Innovation

What’s the kryptonite that can cause a lack of innovation on your team? Could it be poor communication? A lack of trust? A lack of clear goals? What would happen to your company’s innovation if you team’s behavior changed and became kryptonite proof? Jen Martin from Key Equipment Finance and Deb Reuben explore this topic in today’s podcast.

Episode 89: Turning Dreams into Reality with AI

Nicoleta Onuta defines innovation as a “dream made possible,” but that doesn’t mean there can’t be structure. Within DLL’s AI Center of Excellence, a data science laboratory, she and her team members run a “powerful execution engine” that quickly moves ideas from concept to implementation while utilizing a staged process with strict governance in place that results in “responsible AI by design.” Onuta shares more about this in this podcast which is the second in a two-part series with Monitor’s Most Innovative People of 2023.

Episode 88: Personal Data is Personal

We collect and exchange data with customers every day. But that data comes with great responsibility. Today, many lenders are not only in the business of managing money and risk but also safeguarding customer data. How can we change that? Anirban Basak, one of Monitor’s Most Innovative People of 2023, explores that question and more in today’s podcast.

Episode 87: Preparing for the Big Shift Through Constant Transformation

Our world is changing rapidly and if businesses want to stay relevant, changing their strategies will be vital. But when delivering short-term results is the norm and leaders feel uncertain about the future, how is that even possible? Global speaker, futurist and best selling author John Hagel will explore this question and more in today’s podcast. If you want to hear more from Hagel, he will be delivering a keynote at Monitor‘s 50th Anniversary Event on June 15.

Episode 86: Improv and Design Thinking

How much do you play? Play requires being in the moment and using your imagination. When you adopt a playmaker mindset, it lowers the stakes and raises your game. Deborah Reuben and Jeff Rogers discuss how to use this mindset to innovate our companies.

Episode 85: Strengthening Funding Partnerships in 2023

The American Association of Commercial Finance Brokers has many opportunities available for brokers and funders to network, compare notes , learn and give back 2023. Monica Harper, Roderick Knoll and Kortney Murray discuss the events, online community and educational opportunities available to members.

Episode 84: Preparing for the Year Ahead

The new year is underway and the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association has a full array of opportunities for members to connect, learn and grow in 2023. In this podcast ELFA’s Ralph Petta introduces this year’s ELFA Board Chair, Bob Neagle of Finova Capital and the two help us learn about the top two equipment acquisition trends for 2023 and more.

Episode 83: The Secret to Retaining Quality Talent

One of the biggest issues many companies face today is retaining quality talent. What if, as leaders, we operated from a foundation built on the concept that each individual on our team had unlimited potential and, as leaders, it’s up to us to develop the innate talents and strengths of each person and empower them until they shine? How do you go about developing talent in that manner? Craig Ault from ATEL Leasing Corporation answers that question and many more in today’s podcast.

Episode 82: How to Spot and Extinguish Burnout

Can you recognize the signs of burnout in your team members? If you do experience burnout within your team, how do you unearth its root cause? If you’re suffering from burnout, how do balance high performance and self care and talk with your manager about your experience? Deborah Reuben of TomorrowZone and Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst Rachel Sheerin explore those questions and more in this podcast.

Episode 81: Giving Back With Equipment Finance Cares

How can you learn how to improve the human experience at your company while giving back and networking with industry peers at the same time? Jesse Johnson talks about why he founded Equipment Finance Cares, what the organization has accomplished so far and how the industry can get involved in 2023.

Episode 80: Debt Purchasing vs. Collection Agencies

In today’s economic environment, equipment finance companies may be concerned that rising delinquency rates — and eventual charge offs — may be on the horizon. When accounts become delinquent, collection agencies are often the next step. But is that the best course of action? Craig Geisler from Cherrywood Enterprises explores that question and much more in today’s podcast.

Episode 79: Interest Rate Hedging 101

With interest rates on the rise, many equipment finance companies are feeling the impact of yield compression. Whether your company accesses capital via asset-backed securities or warehouse lines, how can you mitigate the risks to your returns in this environment? Christina Ochs from The Corporation for Interest Rate explores that question and much more in today’s podcast. For more details on this topic, please read Christina’s companion article, Interest Rates are Rising: How Can the Equipment Finance Industry Prepare?

Episode 78: Creating a Foundation for Continuous Improvement

We talk about innovating and transforming company culture all the time, but what does the process of creating a culture of rapid, agile and digital innovation really look like? Michael LaPierre who led Meridian OneCap’s Project BOOST, winner of the 2022 ELFA Operations & Technology Excellence Award, talks about how he helped create a foundation for ongoing innovation within the company’s culture.

Episode 77: Innovating with a Data Privacy-First Approach

As the pace of change accelerates in our industry, how do we keep data privacy and data responsibility at the forefront? What will data privacy look like in the future? Deborah Reuben and Anirban Basak, founder and CEO of FortifID explore those questions and more in this podcast.

Episode 76: The Traits of Successful Leadership

In the final of four special editions of the Monitor podcast featuring interviews with Monitor’s 2022 Industry Icon award winners, Amy Gross from Key Equipment Finance talks about important leadership traits, including finding a sense of purpose, self advocacy, flexibility and more.

Episode 75: Empowering Employees and Continuous Self Development

In the third of four special podcast featuring interviews with Monitor’s 2022 Industry Icon award winners, Monitor’s associate editor, Markiesha Thompson talks with NextGen Icon award winner, Ricardo E. Rios, CLFP, Chief Operating Officer of CEFI Commercial Equipment Finance about how he and his team expanded their business into the U.S. and his passion for self-development and empowering employees.

Episode 74: Creating Solutions with Vendors in Mind

In the second of four special editions of the Monitor podcast featuring interviews with Monitor’s 2022 Industry Icon award winners, Robert Preville, this year’s Disruptor Icon award winner discusses point of sale financing, why happy work is important, what traditional equipment finance companies can do to avoid disruption and more.

Episode 73: Taking Action for DE&I in Equipment Finance

In the first of four special editions of the Monitor podcast featuring interviews with Monitor’s 2022 Industry Icon award winners, Deborah Baker of HP Inc. discusses the importance of mentorship, how to make leadership more accessible to women and how the equipment finance industry can continue to improve diversity.

Episode 72: Bringing Unique Value to Customers Amid Economic Uncertainty

In today’s economic environment, it’s important for equipment finance companies to bring a message of uniqueness to their customers. Out of the box solutions are not what most companies are looking for when they’re trying to adapt and thrive through economic turbulence. Brian Slipka from Honour Capital explains how equipment finance companies can differentiate themselves in this podcast.


Episode 71: Being Present, Empathic and Curious Will Lead to Innovation

Leading a company today looks a lot different than it did five, 10 or 20 years ago. With a greater focus on innovation and employee well being, leaders must show up in a manner that demonstrates empathy, curiosity and inclusiveness. Deborah Reuben and Jen Croneberger how leaders can expand their ability to operate this way, and more, in this podcast.

Episode 70: Beyond the Buzzwords: Digital Transformation Begins with People

When most people think about innovation, technology is often the first thing that comes to mind. What if it should be the last thing? When it comes down to it, innovation begins by getting curious about the best way to solve problems that improve the human experience. How do we create the space and safety required for this curiosity? Deb Reuben explores this question and more in this podcast.

Episode 69: How Vendors & Equipment Manufacturers Can Benefit From Partnering With Financing Sources to Serve Customers With Less Than Perfect Credit

For many businesses, getting the financing they need for essential use equipment can be tough if they hit a rough patch. As a vendor or manufacturer of the equipment, it can be a challenge trying to obtain capital equipment financing for their customers’ with less than perfect credit. These types of credits, also known as C, D or storied credits, do have options available to them. Ashley Whyman from NFS Leasing talks about those options and the benefits that a vendor or manufacturer can receive in partnering with financing sources to serve the sub-investment grade credit customer.

Episode 68: AI for Equipment Finance: Improving Productivity Through Prediction

A decade ago, AI was a buzzword with little practical application in equipment finance. Today, companies in our industry are utilizing artificial intelligence for the purposes of prediction and automation, streamlining internal processes to increase productivity and drive better deal outcomes. In today’s podcast, we will talk with Scott Nelson, Spencer Thomas and Jena Morgan about how KLC Financial achieved these results, and more, using AI.

Episode 67: The Impact of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine on Equipment Finance

The Russian invasion of Ukraine — and the related sanctions imposed in its wake — have created a ripple effect of interrelated factors that continue to impact the equipment finance industry. How do these factors interplay with the current economic environment and what can equipment lessors and lenders expect going forward? Vince Borst from Robbins DiMonte explores those questions in this podcast.

Episode 66: Big Picture Thinking and Practical Skill Building for More Resilient Strategy

Can you know more about the future by learning new skills and zooming out to view the big picture through a new frame? How about by asking more questions? Author Jonathan Brill shares his insights on how to inspire big picture thinking and practical skill building to create a strategy than can stand the test of time.

Episode 65: Bridging Disparity Gaps and Facilitating ESG in Equipment Finance

ESG initiatives are becoming important to companies around the globe. How is this impacting the equipment finance industry? What can companies in our industry do to rise to these challenges and bridge disparity gaps at the same time? Babacar Cassé from DLL explores these topics and more in this podcast. In his role at DLL, Babacar develops asset-based financing and asset management strategies for some of the world’s largest technology manufacturers. He’s also a member of DLL’s Executive Inclusion Council, a group of senior leaders who advise and advocate on DLL’s DE&I strategy. Babacar has a unique perspective on sustainability, technology, and inclusivity.

Episode 64: Navigating the Current Economic Climate with Caution, Discipline & Patience

Equipment finance companies haven’t had to deal with a volatile economic climate in more than a decade. As the Fed works to curb inflation with a series of calculated interest rate hikes and as supply chains continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, equipment finance companies must prioritize caution, discipline and patience. John Vande Moore talks about how to do that in today’s podcast.

Episode 63: Focusing on People to Create an Innovative and Collaborative Culture

Creating a culture of innovation and collaboration starts with focusing on the people in your organization. In this podcast, Deborah Reuben talks with Tirza Hollenhorst, CEO and Co-Founder of LUMAN about how to redefine your culture, build a bridge between possibility and feasibility and the small steps you can take today to create a better tomorrow for your company.

Episode 62: The Value of Mentorship for Women

Mentorship is the best way for powerful women to support and uplift other women. Katerina Jones discusses the benefits of mentorship and how to make mentorship connections and shares stories from her own mentorship experiences in this podcast.

Episode 61: Leadership, Effective Communication and Developing Your Personal Brand

Leadership comes in all shapes, sizes, and styles. A company in exponential growth mode may need a different type of leader than a company going through a merger or reorganization. Everyone can be leader and it’s up to each of us to develop our own personal brands that demonstrate our unique leadership qualities. Mark Herschberg talks about how to do this and much more in this podcast.

Episode 60: DLL’s New CEO Outlines His Plans for the Company

DLL appointed a new CEO and Chairman of its Executive Board in February. Carlo van Kemenade discusses his short- and long-term goals for the company and shares the emotional experience of his visit with DLL Poland where he witnessed first hand how the DLL team is supporting refugees from Ukraine.

Episode 59: Minimizing Environmental Impact in Equipment Finance

To celebrate Earth Day, Linda D’Amico discusses the changing needs of customers who are prioritizing ESG initiatives. She outlines how Cisco Capital is minimizing environmental impacts with Cisco Refresh and talks about how equipment finance companies can embrace the circular economy.

Episode 58: Building Trust at Work with Authenticity and Vulnerability

How do you build and maintain relationships and company culture when you don’t have a physical space? Building trust among team members usually takes time — is there a way to accelerate that process? In today’s podcast Deborah Reuben explores these questions with Brian Mohr, CEO and Founder of Anthym and we learn why nothing can stop a team that values vulnerability and trust.

Episode 57: Financing the Sub-Investment Grade Credit Customer

For many businesses, getting the financing they need for essential use equipment can be tough if they’ve hit a rough patch and end up categorized by lenders as a sub-investment grade credit customer. But these tougher credits, also known as C, D, or storied credits, do have options available to them. Eric Renaud from NFS Leasing discusses those options and shares a few stories of success from these story credits.

Episode 56: Finding a Balance Between Technology & Human Interaction

As the equipment finance industry continues its process of digitization, how do we find the right balance between technology and human interaction? How do we maintain the trust of customers while simultaneously improving their experience? Robert Preville from Approve examines these questions and more in this podcast.

Episode 55: Putting the Fun in Funding

Companies everywhere are being impacted by the Great Resignation. How can leaders create a workplace designed to retain employees? John-Paul Smolenski from MMP Capital shares his ideas on this topic.

Episode 54: Opportunities & Challenges in Construction

The bipartisan infrastructure bill has created many opportunities for the equipment finance industry, but the lingering effects of the pandemic are creating challenges as well. Jeff Barron and Hetal Engineer from The Bancorp Bank examine the factors that are impacting construction space this year.

Episode 53: Technology & Humanity

We are using technology in more areas of our lives than ever before. And while the pace and quality of technology changes every second, human nature essentially remains the same. Monitor Innovation Issue guest editors Denis Stypulkoski and Nate Gibbons explore how to innovate while embracing humanity.

Episode 52: Creating Space for Long-Term Thinking

In our culture, busyness is often worn as a badge of honor, but when our days are filled with the demands of the present, there’s often little time left for long-term thinking and planning. How do we prioritize the long game in our short-term world? Deborah Reuben of TomorrowZone explores this topic with Wall Street Journal bestselling author Dorie Clark.

Episode 51: Technology Investment Trends for 2022

What’s in store for technology investment in 2022? Andrew Blacklock unpacks that question, takes a look at the increasing importance of IoT and ESG initiatives and examines common deal structure trends for technology equipment.

Episode 50: Leadership Development for the Whole Person

Leadership development has a positive and lasting effect on the whole person, making leaders better employees, parents, partners, friends and members of their communities. Will Perry talks about the possibilities that could exist for an industry led by well-rounded leaders who value authenticity, empathy and vulnerability.

Episode 49: 2022 Construction Industry Outlook

The pandemic and the challenges that have emerged in its wake have impacted the construction industry. But overall, the Wells Fargo Construction Industry Forecast predicts that 2022 will be a year of cautious recovery. Jim Heron from Wells Fargo discusses the reasons behind that assessment in today’s podcast.

Episode 48: The Transformative Power of Leadership Development

Leadership development is an ongoing journey. No matter where someone is in their career, developing leadership skills has the potential to transform them both professionally and personally. Eric McGriff shares the story of his own transformative leadership development experiences and explains why developing our leaders will ensure the ongoing success of the equipment finance industry.

Episode 47: Continuous Evolution Through Leadership

Leaders today face unique and evolving challenges. The last two years have taught leaders so much about their teams and about themselves. Given the environment that we’re in today, leaders have the responsibility to continuously create change within their organizations, which can take on many forms.

Episode 46: Rebuilding Safer Infrastructure with Technology

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will do more than fix our roads and bridges. Jamie Sullivan from Derq explains how the act will create safer roadways using technology.

Episode 45: Trying New Things and Finding Your Voice

This year’s NextGen Monitor Icon, Lexie Dressman, talks about how trying new things helped her to find her role (and her voice) in shaping the future of the equipment finance industry.

Episode 44: Dan Michalek on Disrupting the Status Quo

Dan Michalek, one of Monitor’s Pioneer Icon award winners, discusses the learning processes he has experienced on his quests to improve the equipment finance industry — first through PayNet and now with Syndifi.

Episode 43: Bill Phelan on Expanding Networks and Harnessing Data

This year’s Pioneer Icon, Bill Phelan, shares stories from the early days of PayNet and explains how the company went from a dining room table startup to a trusted source of information for the equipment finance industry.

Episode 42: Lessons on Success from Veteran Icon Crit DeMent

Crit DeMent discovered equipment finance by working at a car dealership fresh out of college. Four decades later, he sits down with Monitor to look back on his iconic career and share three vital lessons for success.

Episode 41: People-First Leadership

This year’s Current Leader Monitor Icon, Nancy Robles, believes understanding and supporting people is central to leadership. After starting her finance career as a single mom who was laser focused on supporting her children, she strives to bring others up the ladder along with her.

Episode 40: Harnessing Disruption

This year’s Disruptor Monitor Icon, Deborah Reuben, not only made the equipment finance ecosystem aware of disruption, she also successfully navigated a huge disruption of her business and wound up stronger than ever. She shares her story and provides advice for entering the TomorrowZone.

Episode 39: AI in the Equipment Finance Industry

Many financial institutions have already begun to implement AI for various purposes, including onboarding, customer service, underwriting and fraud detection. Dr. Ali Ahmed discusses the benefits and pitfalls of using AI, the significance of explainable AI and the prerequisites for financial organizations looking to adopt AI technology.

Episode 38: Expanding Relationships with Digital Transformation

Many commercial finance companies consider themselves “relationship businesses.” The leaders of these companies often see digital transformation as a potential threat to the foundational relationships of the business. Scott Nelson, Chief Digital Officer at Tamarack Technology, explains how digital can extend and strengthen relationships while providing scale to businesses when considered in the right context.

Episode 37: Forming Strong Bonds With Brokers

There are many ways to originate deals in the equipment finance business, including forming relationships with third-party originators. David Lee from North Mill Equipment Finance talks about the benefits of this approach, how to vet brokers and how to keep the best ones coming back to your company for funding.

Episode 36: Achieving Mastery and Staying Customer-First

Bill Stephenson announced that he will be retiring as CEO and Chairman of DLL at the end of 2021. In an exclusive interview with Monitor, he talks about the biggest lessons he’s learned during the course of his career, shares advice for future leaders and talks about how to know when its time to start the next chapter.

Episode 35: Seizing the Opportunity of Clean Energy

Clean energy is the way of the future. These solutions are better for the environment, and they’re beneficial for the equipment finance industry’s customers as well. Implementing energy savings can help customers save money and improve the future enterprise value of their companies. Brian DePonte discusses the opportunities available for equipment finance companies in this industry.


Episode 34: Creating True Connection with Authentic Communication

True connection with others — including colleagues, customers or the general public — requires authenticity. While that may be easy to say, how do we put this into practice? Matt Hurwitz, executive vice president and head of commercial banking communications at Wells Fargo, talks about how to achieve authenticity in our interactions and takes a look at how corporate communications are shifting.


Episode 33: Advice for Independents on Going to Market

Independent finance companies are known for their agility and ability to achieve rapid growth without the regulatory hurdles faced by banks. But once an independent has reached scale, many of their founders are ready to cash out, which usually involves partnering with a bank or private equity firm. Jeff Guylay from Colonnade Advisors shares advice for independents on the best ways to prepare for an acquisition or capital raise.


Episode 32: The Impact of the Global Semiconductor Shortage on Vehicle Fleet Leasing

In our digital world, you can find semiconductor chips in the items we use every day. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a global shortage of these chips and lately, vehicle manufacturers have been feeling the impact. Jeff Barron from The Bancorp discusses what this means for borrowers with vehicle fleets and equipment lessors.


Episode 31: Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders

Who will run your business when you’re no longer up for the task? Are they ready? Will your employees accept them? As a leader, having the ability to answer these questions today is imperative to the success of your business tomorrow. Paul Menzel, who recently implemented a successful transition of power at Financial Pacific Leasing, talks about developing a company’s leaders, working with leadership coaches and why it’s important for senior leaders to shift into a mentor role before officially exiting the business.


Episode 30: What Lenders Need to Know About Drone Technology

Drones have been making headlines for years, but where does this technology stand today? Vince Borst from RSP Law says the FAA expects the number of commercial drones to double in the next few years. He talks about the pandemic’s impact on manufacturers, outlines how regulations are changing and shares the top concerns for lenders who are interested in entering this space.


Episode 29: Tomorrow’s Equipment Finance Leaders: Are We Prepared?

Today we face a situation that has been building for years, some call it the graying of our industry. Lisa Rafter, publisher of the Monitor, and Steve Grosso, president and CEO of Auxilior Capital Partners, dive into the important questions behind this issue: Is our industry, in fact, graying? Are we prepared for the future? And, perhaps most importantly, are we developing tomorrow’s equipment finance leaders?

Episode 28: Awareness Against Domestic Violence

In a special edition of the Monitor Podcast Series focusing on members of the industry who are giving back, Lovern Gordon, National Sales Executive with Boston Financial & Equity Corporation, shares the story of how she founded the Love Life Now Foundation. She talks about how to recognize the signs of domestic violence and provides advice for employers and colleagues on the best way to provide support to victims of domestic violence in their organization and normalize conversation about this topic.

Episode 27: Cracking the Groupthink Mold

Rafe Rosato, one of Monitor’s 2021 Most Innovative Individuals, believes innovation requires taking the time to daydream, visualize outcomes and work toward them. Experimentation and diversity of thought is essential to move beyond the groupthink sand trap prevalent in successful industries. He talks about how DLL harnessed creative solutions like the Chrysalis Initiative to come out of the pandemic stronger.


Episode 26: Innovation is a Mindset of Constant Improvement

Eric Starr, one of Monitor’s 2021 Most Innovative Individuals, says shifting your mindset to embrace meaningful change is a prerequisite to innovation. This requires getting comfortable with failing forward until you succeed. He talks about the equipment finance staff of the future and says diversity of thought will be the framework by which organizations develop.


Episode 25: Embracing Change With Micro Innovations

Angela Armstrong, one of Monitor’s 2021 Most Innovative Individuals, says curiosity about possibilities is vital to innovation. She explains how micro innovations help a team become comfortable with change as they celebrate small wins.


Episode 24: How Changing Customer Consumption Models Impact Risk

Over the last year, just about everything has changed, including how customers consume and how corporations go to market. Thanks to these new consumption models, risk profiles are changing as well. How do we assess risk in the context of the pandemic?


Episode 23: An Entrepreneur’s Journey in Equipment Finance

Equipment finance is nearly a $1 trillion industry, but the processes have not changed in decades. In the wake of the digital age, everything is streamlined except for traditional equipment finance processes. This is an opportunity for industry entrepreneurs seeking new ways to introduce innovation and efficiency.


Episode 22: Making the Switch to Finance 4.0

The equipment finance industry operated on a relatively simple model for decades. First, a piece of equipment would be purchased or leased and eventually the end user would upgrade to a newer model. But as equipment becomes more intelligent, the old model of doing business just doesn’t cut it. Is your company reading for Finance 4.0?


Episode 21: Healthcare Equipment Acquisition Through the Pandemic & Beyond

Healthcare providers have been on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic this year, and they have been impacted in different ways. John Sparta discusses how the pandemic has affected healthcare equipment assets and accelerated innovation in the industry. He provides an overview of 2020 and shares an outlook for post-pandemic trends.


Episode 20: Beginning Again: Creating Relevance With Technology

No matter who you are, your life probably looks a lot different today than it did when 2020 began. Charles Anderson was leading Currency and Currency Pay when the year began, but this year wound up becoming a year of self-reflection and reevaluation. He talks about processing a major career shift in the middle of the COVID-19 lockdown and outlines how technology is rapidly changing our world.


Episode 19: Challenges Are Opportunities for Transformation

Marlin Capital Solutions achieved record new business volume in 2019. But when its small business customers were hit hard during the initial wave of the COVID-19 pandemic we started to see headlines about Marlin that included words like “furloughed,” “pay cut” and “loss.” Jeffrey Hilzinger talks about leading the company through the early days of the pandemic and how the company is using the challenges of 2020 to fuel a digital transformation.


Episode 18: Changing the Game with Intelligent Workplace Design

The definition of “workplace” has shifted dramatically over the last few months. Today, the workplace has become more of a concept than a tangible location. Given this virtual environment, intelligent workplace design enabled by technology is more important than ever before. Jeffrey Bilbrey, Chief Executive Officer of Leasepath, explains what an intelligent workplace is and how it will ensure a seamless experience for employees, partners and customers.


Episode 17: Communication Strategies to Maintain and Strengthen Your Brand

No matter the size or health of your business, six months of an ongoing global pandemic has inevitably affected your organization and its stakeholders in one way or another. Susan Carol and Jacklyn Manning discuss how to communicate with employees, customers, investors, and the communities you serve to maintain and strengthen relationships and your brand.


Episode 16: The Life of an Independent in 2020—Maintaining Quality Amid Uncertainty

Business priorities and the way we create and maintain relationships has shifted dramatically in 2020. For independent equipment finance companies, the result has been akin to a juggling act. Barbara Griffith, President and Founder of SCL Equipment Finance, a division of Southern California Leasing, talks about how to a company can continuously reinvent itself to retain quality standards — and integrity — in any environment.


Episode 15: Changing Social Contracts and the Future of Work

We’ve reached the point in the pandemic where our conversations are turning toward an uncomfortable fact: like it or not, life as we know it is very different now and the routines we once took for granted probably will never be the same again. For many of us, the biggest change of all is the way we work. Sohini Roy, an experienced business leader and CFO joins the podcast to talk about how to run a business amid a global confluence of macro upheaval.


Episode 14: Taking Stock of Your Strategy

It’s easy to get caught up in the momentum of generating volume and trying to outshine a company’s past performance. But sometimes, it pays to pause and survey the business from a different angle. Industry veteran Rich Doherty, President of HighStreet Capital Advisors, talks about why right now is a great time to evaluate where your business is headed so it will thrive for many years to come.


Episode 13: Small-Ticket Underwriting & Risk Management

Traditionally, lenders have based credit decisions on tried and true data points like credit scores or last year’s financial reports and tax returns. In recent years, some companies have even implemented auto decisioning. But the pandemic has completely shifted the risk landscape. A company that was healthy in January might be a dicey bet today. Chris Lerma, Chief Risk Officer at AP Equipment Financing, discusses how small-ticket underwriters can adjust their approach to minimize risk in this environment.


Episode 12: Conversations With Main Street America

The pandemic has hit Main Street America hard. Restaurants, gyms, dentist offices, boutiques—just about every type of business has been affected. How are these small businesses coping? Are the Payroll Protection and Main Street Lending Programs providing the relief they need? Adrian Hebig, who works closely with these companies talks about how these companies are pivoting and shares an outlook for the months ahead.


Episode 11: Covid-19 Fallout on Equipment Finance Lenders

A few short months ago, the equipment finance industry was humming along at top speed. But with customers deferring payments and mixed messages about what the future will look like, what does liquidity look today in our ever-evolving new normal? Craig Weinewuth, CEO & President, ENGS Commercial Finance, talks about the impact of the pandemic on the liquidity of commercial finance companies.


Episode 10: Navigating the Credit Decisions in the New Normal

The lending landscape has shifted dramatically over the last two months. Customers and new business prospects who once had impeccable financials may now look like a risky bet. Bob Rinaldi of Rinaldi Advisory Services interviews Bill Phelan and Amanda Hull of PayNet, an Equifax Company about what this means for credit scoring and how can lenders be vigilant when it comes to risk.


Episode 9: Emerging from the Pandemic with Blockchain and Electronic Documents

COVID-19 has accelerated the pace of digital adoption in the equipment finance industry, and technologies like blockchain and electronic documents are facilitating the process of negotiating and executing leases and loans. But what are the legal implications of this shift, and how can we prepare for the market impacts of a post-pandemic world?


Episode 8: Meeting Accelerated Demand for Essential Equipment Types

Equipment has played a major role in efforts to combat COVID-19 and in our attempts to stay safe at home. Hospitals have faced shortages of ventilators and beds, schools and businesses have urgently needed laptops and supply chain disruptions have led to empty shelves at our local grocery stores. Tom Meredith talks about how DLL has helped essential industries gain access to critical equipment during the pandemic.


Episode 7: Helping Your Team Establish Boundaries & Avoid Burnout

Many of us have been working from home for almost two months straight, and without clear divisions between work time and home time, the line between these two worlds has all but disappeared. Dave Schaefer, CEO of Orion First and Jackie Havel, Vice President of Human Resources at Amur Equipment Finance share strategies to help your team set clear boundaries so they can stay engaged and avoid burnout.


Episode 6: Financing Post COVID-19 Equipment Types & Serving Cross-Border Customers

COVID-19 has created so many barriers—between family, friends, and neighbors. This includes our neighbor to the north, Canada. Jud Snyder, president of BMO Harris Equipment Finance Company, talks about serving customers on both sides of the U.S. Canadian border and says equipment finance companies must start thinking about financing new equipment types as we emerge from the pandemic.


Episode 5: Strategies for Serving Cash Conscious Customers

Large companies are drawing down their credit lines, small companies are lining up for loans from the Payroll Protection Program, and taxpayers are anxiously anticipating the arrival of their stimulus checks. Deborah Baker, Head of Worldwide Leasing and Financing for HP and John Hurt, Director of The Alta Group’s Business Advisory Practice talk about how the equipment finance industry is responding to the changing needs of cash-strapped customers.


Episode 4: Leading Through the Crisis to Create the Industry’s Next Chapter

Many of us have officially entered week four of COVID-19 lockdown, and we are dreaming of the day when this crisis is finally behind us. With that spirit in mind, Bill Verhelle, Founder and CEO of Innovation Finance, and Tawnya Stone, Vice President of Strategic Technology at GreatAmerica Financial Services, talk about leading their teams through this pandemic and creating that glorious next chapter when we all emerge from our homes and come together once again.


Episode 3: How to Run an Equipment Finance Company from Home

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting just about every person on the planet. For many in the equipment finance industry, this means working from home, which makes us entirely dependent on cloud technology.

For the third edition of our coronavirus podcast series, Tomorrow Zone CEO Deborah Reuben, North Star Leasing Company CEO Dan Feeney, and Stonebriar Commercial Finance Chief Technology Officer Steve Siler share first hand stories about effectively transitioning their teams to remote work and offer strategies designed to help everyone adapt to these new conditions.


Episode 2: Communicating with Customers During the COVID-19 Crisis

In times of crisis, communicating with customers is vital. But as companies struggle to keep up with new challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, marketing and communications may be overlooked.

For the second edition of our coronavirus podcast series, Monitor Editorial Board members Michelle Speranza, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of LEAF Commercial Capital and Colleen Daly-Tinkham, Chief Marketing Officer of American Lease Insurance discuss how to plan and implement effective communications with customers and staff during these uncertain times.


Episode 1: The Impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the Equipment Finance Industry

The impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic on the global economy, and the equipment finance industry, is only beginning to unfold. In these uncertain times, Monitor has launched a coronavirus podcast series featuring real-time conversations with our Editorial Board members about this evolving global crisis.

In our first podcast of the series, Vince Belcastro, Group Head of Syndications at Element Fleet Management, and Chris Enbom, CEO of AP Equipment Financing and Work Truck Direct discuss the early effects of the coronavirus on the industry, how their companies are adapting and the potential impact on various equipment sectors and capital markets.

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