Monitor 100


And Other Ranking Reports

Each year, the Monitor publishes a number of exclusive reports on significant segments of the equipment finance and leasing industry in the U.S. Outlined below are brief descriptions of the reports that are currently available.

Monitor 100

The Monitor 100 is the only source of its kind that provides a total dimensioning of the largest equipment finance and leasing companies in the U.S. Now in its 26th year of publication, this annual report is unique in that it’s primarily dependent upon data that comes directly from the participants and not from other published sources. This information is generally unavailable from any other source.

This exclusive 30-page report encompasses rankings by portfolio size, market share, segment leaders, new business originations, buy/sell-side activity, foreign assets as well as commentary on mergers and acquisitions, portfolio quality trends, retrospectives and forecasts for the coming year. The report also includes a comprehensive alpha-index of all Monitor 100 participants.

Most recent Monitor 100 Reports are published in June of each year. Reports are available for purchase in PDF format from 1991 to present, and in Excel format from 2010 to present.

Monitor Bank 50

The Monitor Bank 50 ranks the top bank-affiliated equipment leasing and finance companies in the U.S. This annual Monitor exclusive includes a comprehensive analysis of the U.S. banking sector with an emphasis on the performance of banks actively engaged in the equipment finance industry. This 12-page report encompasses net asset size, new business activity and market share as well as other portfolio metrics, highlights and forecasts. The report is based on data supplied directly from the participating banks and is not available from any other source.

The Monitor Bank 50 reports are available for purchase in PDF format.

Monitor Top Private Independents

The Monitor’s Top Private Independent’s is comprised of equipment leasing and finance companies that are ranked by annual funded new business volume. All companies included in this report are privately owned and operated in the U.S., independent of a parent or other entity with controlling interest. This five-page report includes data on originations by source, volume/employee productivity and commentary on feedback from the challenges of the past year.

The Top Private Independents report is published in the Monitor’s Annual Funding Source Issue (March/April). Reports are available from 2008 to present in PDF format.

Monitor Top Vendor Leasing Companies

Launched in 2010 in concert with the Monitor’s newly themed issue on Vendor Leasing, this two-page report shows the top 25 most active vendor leasing companies in the U.S. based on annual new business originations over a three-year period.

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Vendor Leasing Reports are available for purchase from 2010 to present in PDF format.