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Ken Greene

Attorney of Law Office of Kenneth Charles Greene

Ken Greene is an attorney at his SoCal firm, the Law Office of Kenneth Charles Greene. He began his career with BankAmerilease in 1981 and has been a partner in several firms, including Ross & Ivanjack, one of the first law firms devoted exclusively to the equipment finance industry. He continues representation of lenders, lessors and brokers in contract preparation, compliance, licensing, litigation and transactions.
Greene is presently General Counsel to the AACFB, has served twice on the BOD of NEFA and was its Legal Committee Chairman, Legal Line Editor, Regional Committee Chair and Conference Chairman. He was Leasing News Legal Editor since early 2022.
Greene received his BA from Brandeis University and his JD from Santa Clara University School of Law. He is frequent writer and speaker on matters of leasing law.
Greene’s passions are family, music, travel and more. In his “spare” time, he plays and records with several bands and produces concerts and charity events.

Posts by Ken Greene

If EFAs ARE PMSIs, Are They Exempt from Disclosure Laws?

The title may sound like a Dr. Seuss book, a riddle or the start of a limerick. However, this is no joke. Although this discussion presently applies to only a few states, it is still quite important. The issue, elucidated,... read more

The Art of the Deal: Financing Musicians

“Just gimme money…that’s all I want.” (John Lennon) This article addresses a relatively untapped source of borrowers and lessees that may be overlooked in the financer’s traditional marketing quests. John Lennon wasn’t the first musician to articulate that sustaining a... read more

Old McDonald had a Dell: AI, AI, Oh!

I admit that once, I thought that AI was a steak sauce. My mi-steak! It may be a special sauce, but I do not recommend pouring it into your computer. In fact, despite its ubiquity and influencer-type popularity, I caution... read more

How Guaranteed are Your Guaranties?

One of the time-honored principles of the Bankruptcy Code (the code) is that, with limited exceptions, only debtors actually in bankruptcy proceedings can avail themselves of the benefits of the code. This generally means that non-debtors cannot take advantage of... read more

How Guarantied Are Your Guaranties?

One of the time-honored principles of the Bankruptcy Code (the “Code”) is that, with limited exceptions, only debtors actually in bankruptcy proceedings can avail themselves of the benefits of the Code. This generally means that non-debtors cannot take advantage of... read more

Art in Artificial Intelligence? Can Creativity and Code Converge?

In the realm of technology, where algorithms and data crunching often steal the spotlight, there exists an art form hidden in the lines of code and the depths of data sets. Yes, you read that right; there’s an art in... read more

Recent Developments in Cannabiz: Out of the Fire and into the Pot?

Recently, United States health regulators proposed that the federal government loosen restrictions on marijuana. Since the cannabis equipment finance space has grown exponentially over the past years, this should come as welcome news to those who are a part of... read more

What’s Really Happening With Disclosure Laws in Connecticut?

Connecticut is, by all accounts, about to become the latest state to jump on the disclosure bandwagon. The law would take effect on January 1, 2024. There have been a few mistaken reports that the law has already been enacted... read more

Keeping Track of the New Disclosure Laws

Whether you are an expert in rocket science or, perhaps, alchemy, staying apprised of the panoply of new disclosure bills and laws is somewhat of a daunting challenge. This article is intended, as all lawyers intend, to make your lives... read more

Georgia on My Mind

On April 10, 2023, Georgia’s new commercial financing disclosure law approached the finish line as Senate Bill 90 hit Governor Brian Kemp’s desk with strong bi-partisan support, a mere two months after it was proposed. If the bill passes, as... read more

How Funders Can Ensure Broker Compliance with the California Disclosure Laws

Commercial transaction brokers, as a general rule, have minimal obligations under the relatively new California disclosure laws (CDL) . As we know, funders (referred to in the CDL as financers or providers) have many. There are numerous and complex disclosure... read more

Spring Break? Florida May Jump on the Commercial Transaction Disclosure Bandwagon

Florida, long known for its beautiful beaches and sunshine, is contemplating throwing some shade, or, depending upon your perspective, some light, on the commercial transaction industry. On March 2, 2023, Republican State Representative Doug Bankson introduced HB1353. If enacted, the... read more

I Still Love New York: The Empire State’s New Disclosures – Part II: Broker Obligations

As discussed in my last article on this subject, the New York State Department of Financial Services (“DFS”) has finalized the regulations elucidating its new Commercial Finance Disclosure Law (CFDL). The complete text of the CFDL can be found in... read more

I Love New York: Yankees, Disclosures and Pizza (Oh My) – Part One: Lender Obligations

My hometown. What’s not to love? The Met. Babe Ruth. The Brooklyn Bridge. Joe Namath. Times Square. The perfect slice (orange and greasy, the reason New Yorkers wear black). The best bagels (with a shmear). Killer pastrami (probably literally). Then... read more

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