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Linda Kester

Writer & Professional Speaker of Institute of Personal Development

Linda Kester is a bestselling author and professional speaker with 25 years of experience in leasing sales and marketing management. As founder of the Institute of Personal Development, Kester has helped hundreds of salespeople increase their volume. Her book, 366 Marketing Tips for Equipment Leasing, has produced results for leasing companies in the U.S., UK and Australia. For more information, visit

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Throw Out the Script: How to Win Over Gatekeepers & Achieve Results

Back when Bill Cosby was a highly regarded comedian, I went to see him and five other top speakers at a motivational event in Philadelphia. Cosby walked on stage holding a book, pulled out his reading glasses and began to... read more

From Average Joe to Sergio: How to Become a Master of Sales

Do you ever feel like you are stuck in mediocrity? Many equipment finance salespeople say they want to increase volume, yet they remain in the middle of the pack. Despite having incredible potential and intelligence, they achieve unexceptional results. They... read more

Vuja De: Sales Tips from George Carlin

Outbound prospecting is a key ingredient for the origination of equipment finance volume. Conversely, the No. 1 reason leasing sales people fail is because they don’t originate enough new business. It seems like an easy problem to solve. More targeted... read more

Accelerate Your Success: 5 Tips From Top Sales Books

Soaking in the knowledge of a well-written book is one of my favorite things to do. In 2016, I read 35 non-fiction books. As a way to justify my addiction, I have assembled five of the best tips for leasing... read more

Creating Confidence: Overcoming Resentment to Boost Your Sales

I recently met a sales rep (let’s call him Dario) who believed his company’s rates were too high. Every time he got an application, he would encounter some type of rate objection. He would end up discounting the deal, or... read more

Cold Calling Is Dead: Proactive Prospecting is Alive and Well

It’s a Tuesday morning in June 1987. I’m two weeks into my job selling Canon photocopiers for Dupli-Fax. One hundred and forty-four of the company’s sales reps from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware have convened in a parking lot of... read more

Digital Revolution: 14 Tips to Increase Sales With Technology

The lights in the hotel meeting room are dimmed. I’m standing in front of 27 equipment finance professionals, ready to launch into a PowerPoint presentation about doubling sales volume. I press the play button on the remote control of the... read more

Eight Tips for Success: Help Your Company Break Into the Monitor 100

My personal mission is helping leasing sales reps do their jobs better. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the industry, you always need to put more wins on the board. If you’d like to make next years’ Monitor... read more

Proving Your Value & Gaining Trust: Six Tips for Landing Vendors

When I got into leasing, my goal was to be the top sales rep. I had little experience, but my passion for sales and desire to succeed gave me the drive to generate volume. At the age of 24, I... read more

Linda Kester

Bunny Hunting a Bear: Why Do Leasing Sales People Fail?

Listening to James make a prospect call was like watching a bunny trying to hunt down a bear. He had no confidence. He gingerly asked questions and could not push past any resistance. He was happy to end a call.... read more

Sales Tips from a World Series Hero: Mastering Fundamentals, Perseverance and Practice

In 1969, Ron Swoboda played a key role in helping the New York Mets win their first World Series championship, beating the Baltimore Orioles. Swoboda is an intelligent, articulate, affable guy who played nine years in the big leagues. He... read more

Linda Kester

Record, Review and Improve the Sales Process

This call may be monitored or recorded for quality purposes. We’ve heard that statement so many times that it just fades into the background. Did you ever wonder if anyone ever listens to those calls? To quote Adele, “Hello, it’s... read more

Make vs. Take: Labeling Leads, Creating Strategies & Seeing Results

It’s March 1989. I’m 23 years old. I have just walked out of Brunswick Surgical without any business for what feels like the millionth time. I’m so discouraged. If I don’t start producing volume soon I’ll be put on probation.... read more

Mastering a Prospecting Habit: Focusing on Actions, Not Outcomes

Did you brush your teeth this morning? Hopefully you did, that’s something most of us do automatically. Did you make any prospect calls today? Probably not, I bet. Most leasing sales professionals who don’t have someone micromanaging them have a... read more

Charting a Course to Sales Success: A Q&A to Jumpstart Results

Most leasing sales reps have the desire to be successful and generate lots of volume and commission. Yet I see so many reps struggling. They complain that they don’t have enough vendors, leads or money in their lives. They point... read more

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