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2023 Top Women in Equipment Finance

    Sheri Aaberg, Transport Enterprise Leasing Linsey Ackerman, Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation Errin Adams, Citizens Bank Ashley Bradburn, Alliance Funding Group Deborah Brady, Key Equipment Finance Dawn Brouillet, Stearns Bank, NA Lisa Burks Equify, Financial Shelly Cain, Verdant Commercial... read more

Fear Not: The Only Way to Fail with Technology is to Do Nothing

Everyone seems to be either excited about or fearful of artificial intelligence. In your opinion, how will AI impact the equipment finance industry in the short and long term? Andrew Baird: There are several well-documented use cases for AI in... read more

Economic Uncertainty: Insights, Preparation and Opportunities

How have your customers been impacted by the current state of the economy? Can you share some stories or case studies that demonstrate what it’s like to do business right now? Mark Duncan: As a general matter, the economic slowdown... read more

Real-Time Transformation: Vendor Finance is Already in its Next Stage of Development

How has the economy and the rising rate environment impacted your team and your vendor partners this year? Neil Garnett: One of the bigger impacts has been the tightening of underwriting at non-vendor finance outlets, such as local banks or... read more

Staff Insights: Personal Histories

While I was attending college at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, I worked part-time at a grocery story as a bookkeeper. One of my co-workers was Maureen Boyle, an effervescent, fun red-head who I adored. When I was getting ready... read more

50 Years 50 Moments

Memories “When I was with CNH, the president of our financial services business, Steve Beerman, came into my office one day in early October and asked,” How’s your Spanish?” It turns out, the company needed me to handle some issues... read more

Independent Roundtable – Time to Be Nimble: How Independents Are Navigating the Leadup to Recession

What was the biggest challenge your company faced in 2022 and how did you overcome it? Steve Grosso, Auxilior Capital Partners: The rapid and unprecedented increase in interest rates and inflationary effects. The environment required disciplined asset/liability management and attention... read more

ELFA Innovation Roundtable: Bold Questions & Bringing Innovations to Life

The Innovation Advisory Council of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association presented a virtual Innovation Roundtable hosted by Deborah Reuben from TomorrowZone on Feb. 16. The Innovation Advisory Council, which initially began as a working group, is comprised of C-level... read more

Cost of Doing Business: The Funding Source Perspective on a Turbulent Economy

How is the level of deal flow activity today versus what it was a year ago? If activity is higher, is it the result of more deal flow from existing sources or an increase in the number of origination sources,... read more

AACFB Commercial Financing Expo Wins in Las Vegas

The American Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (AACFB) hosted its fourth annual Commercial Financing Expo in September at the M Resort, Spa & Casino in Las Vegas. To say it was a triumph would be an understatement, considering this is... read more

Getting a Clue: Fighting the Good Fight for Cybersecurity

Change is the only constant when it comes to both technology and the universe it has spawned regarding cybersecurity. Today’s solution is tomorrow’s risk. The next best app, product or buzzword quickly becomes a standard or sinks into obscurity until... read more

All Day Long: Independents Leverage Agility to Succeed

Over the last two years, the skills of independent equipment finance companies have been tested. To learn about the strategies independents are using to succeed, Monitor spoke with leaders from Liberty Commercial Finance, GreatAmerica Financial Services, Financial Partners Group and... read more

Reason to Believe: Funding Sources Remain Optimistic in Uncertain Environment

The current environment for funding sources is marred by many of the same challenges facing the greater equipment finance industry, with supply chain constraints, geopolitical tension and soon to be increasing interest rates among the many factors playing into the... read more

Changing of the Tides: How the Pandemic Reshaped the Equipment Sales Market

How has asset management changed over the course of the pandemic? Which changes are permanent and which are more temporary? Kelly Lane: One practical change that may be permanent is allowing asset managers to work from home. Many companies are... read more

Innovation Begins with Curiosity: Using Technology to Embrace Humanity

What is the true dynamic between technology and humanity? Is it adversarial or symbiotic?  Denis Stypulkoski: There’s this pendulum swing that’s been going back and forth over the past 20 years about technology first/people first and how do you land?... read more

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