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Scott Nelson

President and Chief Digital Officer of Tamarack Technologies

Scott Nelson is the president and chief digital officer of Tamarack Technology. He is an expert in technology strategy and development including AI and automation as well as an industry expert in equipment finance. Nelson leads the company’s efforts to expand its impact on the industry through innovation using new technologies and digital transformation strategies. In his dual role at Tamarack, Nelson is responsible for the company’s vision and strategic planning as well as business operations across professional services and Tamarack’s suite of AI products. He has more than 30 years of strategic technology development, deployment and design thinking experience working with both entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies.

Posts by Scott Nelson

Why HR Needs AI Too

For as long as I can remember I’ve been told that “technology will change everything.” Whether good or bad, from the wheel to electricity and the smartphone, it’s a true statement. The latest “big thing: in technology is AI. Depending... read more

Improve Your Team’s Innovation Fitness with AI

Innovation is an organizational muscle that can be trained and strengthened World-class athletes put in long hours working out to strengthen their muscles and hone their skills in order to compete at the highest levels. Organizations, like athletes, need to... read more

“Moneyball Moments” in Equipment Finance

Prior to 2002, the business of baseball captured tremendous amounts of data and stats but was largely managed by intuition and gut feel. But that all changed when Billy Bean and Paul DePodesta introduced a data-based strategy to build the... read more

Jevons Paradox Meets Moore’s Law: Why AI Will Drive More Hiring in Equipment Finance

In 1865, William Stanley Jevons, a young English economist, observed the effect of productivity and efficiency on the consumption of coal in manufacturing processes. James Watt had recently introduced his steam engine and some economists were forecasting an end to... read more

How to be Effective AND Efficient: Driving Productivity at a Digital Finance Company

Doing the right things is about producing results that matter and being effective in one’s mission. Doing things right is about operational excellence and being efficient at what one does. Companies that focus on building and managing teams that perform... read more

Digital Business 101: Five Steps to Faster and Better

Transformation to becoming a “digital business” may be a tired topic, but how many finance companies can actually claim success? Indeed, how many business leaders have a definition of success for digital transformation much less have communicated it companywide? Certainly,... read more

Get to Know Artificial Intelligence: An Interview with Professor Manjeet Rege

If you’re not marketing that you use Artificial Intelligence (AI), you’re probably worried that you should be. AI is a go-to buzzword in business today. But I believe it is also one of the most misunderstood – both technically and... read more

More Than a Feeling: The New Face of Empathy in Innovation

Empathy has long been recognized as the foundation of the innovation process. Leaders like Satya Nadella facilitate empathy in their cultures because they know it will, in turn, foster a culture of innovation. Ignoring empathy risks customer apathy and business... read more

Growing the Power of the Invoice with Digital Transformation

“Whoever owns the invoice owns the customer.” This was the message of future Telefonica CEO José María Álvarez-Pallete López speaking at the 2014 Telefonica Leadership conference. The emerging business trend at the time was the ecosystem of cellular device apps... read more

The Millennial Generation Shift Will Create Opportunity for Equipment Finance

I was a mathematician before I became a physicist. My love of all things calculated is why Kenneth Gronbach’s message about the importance of population sizes and generational design immediately resonated with me when I first heard him speak in... read more

Heads Up! 5G Will Need Equipment Finance

5G is on everyone’s mind right now. The carriers have installed enough 5G equipment to provide usable coverage so they have unleashed their marketing armies upon us. AT&T seems to be in the lead – fictional advertising commercial salesperson Lily... read more

Technology Ecosystems Will Change Equipment Finance

Technology trends are an annual business media topic. Most of these discussions tend to have a product-centric view of how technology will affect our daily lives and business economics. The reality is technology, like biology, propagates in ecosystems. An ecosystem... read more

Risk Management Must Consider New Data to Survive in Post-COVID Economy

“We need to understand risk better.” “Originations are up. My worry is our existing customers’ business health.” “We have to decrease our distance from customers.” Risk managers’ plates are full. These recent comments from lessor leaders regarding today’s economic environment... read more

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