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2024 Monitor 100 Letter from the Editor

By Rita E. Garwood

In the 12 years that I've been involved in creating the Monitor 100, this is the very first time that we are sending the issue to press in mid-May! Our team is excited to deliver our most anticipated issue of the year a little early.... read more

The Next Stage Of The Cycle: A Return To Leasing

By Rita E. Garwood

We are facing another turning point in the business of financing equipment. Professionals who can adapt to today’s market conditions to create inventive leasing options for their customers have a unique opportunity to create meaningful opportunities for everyone involved.... read more

Underscoring Long-Term Value: 7 Tips To Defend The Bank-Based Equipment Finance Business Line

By Rick Remiker

Many banks have pulled back from equipment finance over the last 18 months and this trend doesn’t show signs of stopping. Rick Remiker outlines seven methods to defend a bank-based equipment finance division in this uncertain environment.... read more

Creating Success With The Human Side Of Technology: LTi Celebrates 35th Anniversary

By Randy Haug

LTi Technology Solutions is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. Randy Haug sat down with Monitor to reflect on some of the company’s proudest moments, discuss the challenges the industry faces today and share his predictions for the future of equipment finance.... read more

Opportunity Amidst Risk: Delinquency Management in a Volatile Market

By Quentin Cote

After a prolonged economic upswing, delinquencies and defaults are on the rise. Quentin Cote explores how we got here, outlines the essentials of proactive delinquency management and argues that returning to fundamentals today can set the stage for tomorrow’s growth.... read more

2024 Monitor 100: Banks Pull Back From Equipment Finance

By Rita E. Garwood

For the first time since GE Capital departed the Monitor 100 ranking, the No. 1 company in net assets and new business volume is not a bank. Nearly 60% of U.S. bank affiliates reduced their new business volume in 2023 marking the end of an equipment finance era.... read more

Monitor 100 CEO Roundtable: Positivity And Perseverance Through 2024 And Beyond

By Dave Fate, By Dave Lyder, By Marcio Pedroso, By William C Perry III, By Bill Stephenson

Monitor sat down with five prominent leaders from Monitor 100 companies to discuss the past, present and future of the industry and their organizations. Each leader reflects on their companies’ successes over the past year, the challenges and opportunities they’re currently facing and their plans for strategic adaption to an evolving market landscape coupled with rapid technological advancement.... read more

Nick Small: Excitement In The Evolution Of Tomorrow

By Nick Small

After nearly 35 years in equipment finance, Nick Small is leading Cisco Capital as president. He outlines his vision for the company and shares his perspective on the best way to ensure the ongoing vitality of the industry.... read more

Kris Foster: Building Pinnacle's Equipment Finance Success Story

By Kris Foster

While the regional bank scare of 2023 was tumultuous for many banks, it served as an “opportunity of a lifetime” for Pinnacle, which achieved nearly $700 million in portfolio growth. Kris Foster, executive vice president, credits this success to the company’s culture and its client-focused business strategy.... read more

Brij Patel: The Agility Of An Entrepreneurial Spirit

By Brij Patel

The quest for wealth first drew Brij Patel, president of Alliance Funding Group, to the finance industry. After launching a company, transitioning from a broker to a lender and asset management firm, Patel has demonstrated that true success stems from adaptability and a willingness to embrace change.... read more

Walter Stranzl: Staying On Point In A Changing Industry

By Walter Stranzl

As president of OnPoint Capital, the captive of OnPoint Group, Walter Stranzl consistently seeks out challenging opportunities, whether in the current economic climate or in future collaborations between the industry and AI.... read more

Scott Dienes: Creating Opportunities & Building Relationships

By Scott Dienes

With a solid track record at industry giants like GE Capital and Wells Fargo, Scott Dienes stepped out of his comfort zone to launch a de novo equipment finance division for Associated Bank. His team works hand in hand with bank colleagues to create opportunities for customers.... read more

Capital Markets Corner: How To Be The Buyer A Syndicator Calls First

By Scott Kiley

Want to be the first buyer on a syndicator’s call list? Scott Kiley shares how to make that happen by embracing the three Rs: relationship, responsiveness and reliability.... read more

Engaging In Global Expansion - Developed Vs. Emerging Markets

By Jon Biorkman, By Dan Clark, By Chris Craft, By Eduardo Ferreira, By Robert Gates, By Chris Lee

Leaders from three Monitor 100 companies — 1st Source, Global Jet Capital and BMO — discuss their journeys into international markets, reveal pros and cons of emerging versus developed markets around the world and point to current opportunities abroad.... read more

Mindset Shifts And Operating Model Transformation: An Interview With Jen Swanson

By Deborah Reuben, CLFP, By Jen Swanson

Are you applying an analog leadership style to your digital transformation projects? Deborah Reuben and Jen Swanson discuss how to evolve your leadership style to achieve success in a digital world.... read more

Wire Fraud!

By Stephen T. Whelan

Hackers are finding new ways to commit wire fraud. Stephen Whelan explores examples from recent case law and outlines precautions that equipment financiers can take to avoid becoming a victim.... read more

CFO Chats: Making The Case For Leasing A Vehicle Fleet

By Bill Bosco

As a leasing salesperson, it’s vital to understand the best structure to solve your client’s needs. Bill Bosco presents a hypothetical call between a salesperson and a CFO who is planning to draw from a revolver to fund a vehicle fleet purchase.... read more


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