Monitor 2021 Women’s List: Bobbie Warner, CLFP

by Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2021

Bobbie Warner, CLFP,
Senior Vice President, Delivery Management,

Bobbie Warner’s first focus at Odessa is customer advocacy. With more than 25 years of experience in software delivery and professional services, Warner understands enabling customers to succeed is the primary focus of a delivery executive. She keeps the ‘voice of the customer’ at the center of her day-to-day while working across the organization with delivery and platform teams. Warner’s sharp wit and deep commitment to her customer colleagues allow her to develop strong individual relationships, build trust and deliver meaningful business value.


“I am excited by what we are delivering in current and future platform releases. There is so much value we are delivering for customers to leverage. In particular, our teams continue to develop broader solutions for data modernization to enable better data driven decision-making as leasing executives grow their business.”

Warner joined Odessa during a key stage of growth acceleration in 2015 and has been instrumental in the expansion of the company’s services capabilities and expansion. Drawing from prior experience in other industries, she has built a new foundation for driving customer success throughout the customer life cycle. Warner invests time in the account team to help mature their service capabilities, better understand the unique leasing landscape and tune into the rapidly changing needs of customers as they navigate their digital futures. Every customer is unique and she is skilled at understanding this as well as developing personalized partner planning solutions for each client.

“It’s really about understanding the people who are using the platform, not just what gears are turning behind the device screen,” Warner says.

“Bobbie is an exceptional leader. [She is] extremely committed to the success of Odessa’s customers and constantly thinking of ways to improve our platform and services offerings to better serve the industry,” Mathew Abraham, COO of Odessa, says. “She achieves this by grounding herself in quantitative metrics, understanding the needs of customers and the industry and projecting a unifying vision in any engagement that is inspiring and thoughtful to all stakeholders. Most importantly, Bobbie personifies timeless values, inculcating in all those she works with a sense of mutual trust and respect, a genuine concern for people at a personal level and a warmth and positivity that is truly infectious.”

In the past year, Warner has led a delivery team responsible for a record number of “go-lives,” as well as ongoing support and services for Odessa customers. This notable feat involves the coordination and prioritization of work executed by more than 500 functional and engineering experts with deep expertise in Odessa’s platform solutions and the equipment finance industry.

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