Monitor 2021 Women’s List: Eileen Schoonmaker

by Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2021

Eileen Schoonmaker,
President and General Manager,

Eileen Schoonmaker is a human-centric, transformational leader and respected industry expert with more than 35 years of experience in vendor finance. Since joining DLL in 2000, she has held multiple senior leadership roles, including senior vice president of operations, senior vice president and manager of business information and U.S. chief operating officer. Schoonmaker was also the first U.S. country manager for DLL with P&L responsibility for a $10 billion portfolio.


“The world’s problems are our problems, and it will take courage and a great deal of discipline to not just stand up for a more equitable — and safe — future but to actually use our collective strength as an industry to do something about it.”

Schoonmaker has also successfully implemented several transformative initiatives that are integral to how DLL operates and continues to remain an industry leader. She can be credited for helping evolve the DLL business model and advancing how business systems are managed to always be focused on delivering a great customer experience. In 2020, she became the head of DLL/NewCo, successfully launching DLL’s first fully digital, end-to-end self-service platform for partners. She was also a key contributor to the design and launch of multiple U.S. customer engagement hubs designed to offer improved customer experiences for DLL partners.

“Eileen is exceptional at knowing her strengths and aligning with key stakeholders for mutual success. She has a unique approach to leadership that is a testament to her success,” Rafe Rosato, chief innovation officer at DLL, says. “Many of the things she has worked on have impacted our corporate strategy and approach throughout our career and will continue to do so for years in the future.”

Schoonmaker is passionate about diversity as a strength for any organization. She co-chairs DLL’s executive inclusion council, which was launched in 2020. DLL locations under her oversight in the U.S. have earned Great Place to Work certification, with two key improvement results from the survey reflecting how her leadership is perceived at DLL. First, 92% of employees felt “management is honest and ethical in its business practices.” Second, 93% of employees felt “people are treated fairly regardless of race.”

Schoonmaker is a big Adam Grant fan, with the following Grant quote summarizing her professional creed: “Meaning is about making a difference, not having an audience. It’s better to be valued by a few than to be known by many. Your contribution is not the scope of your reach; it is the depth of your impact. Your legacy is not how many footprints you leave; it’s how long they last.”

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